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Congratulations to James for his incredible journey in the NBA. The Lakers’ super lineup remains competitive and vies for another title


It is true that there are many outstanding scorers in the history of the NBA, but James’ scoring ability stands out. Recently, StatMamba, a professional statistics website, released a statistic that even if James’ dunks and layups are not counted, his career total still stands at a staggering 23,576 points, a number that is enough to put him among the top 30 all-time NBA scoring leaders!

While James’ explosiveness is not historic, his consistency is unique in NBA history. James has averaged over 20 points per game for 20 consecutive seasons and has averaged over 25 points per game for 19 consecutive seasons, an incredible scoring consistency. While some people joke that James hasn’t improved a bit after all these years of playing, in reality, this consistency is his greatest strength. As of this writing, James’ career total of 38,652 points ranks first on the NBA’s all-time scoring list. If we follow the average performance of his previous seasons, James is on track to finish the new season with a magnificent 40,000 points + 10,000 rebounds + 10,000 assists, creating the greatest record in NBA history.

It’s worth noting that James’ former teammate Chad Jefferson said in an interview, “James definitely deserves our respect, his scoring ability is obviously underestimated, and when he retires, I think that number will reach 45,000 points!”

In the past few seasons, James has not only excelled in scoring, but also made great contributions to organizing the team and defending. James’ all-around performance has also forced people to re-examine his value and status as a player. Even though he is 39 years old, his performance is getting better and more stable, which makes people look forward to his future development.

In addition, this off-season, the Lakers management carried out a series of reinforcement action. They signed the heat guard Vincent, continue to draw reinforcements, will Pulis, Reddish and Hayes, the three frontline players added to the lineup. Behind these signings reflects the Lakers’ reflection and reinforcement of last season’s playoff loss to the Nuggets. Vincent is an excellent three-point shooter and defensive specialist and will provide the Lakers with consistent shooting and defensive ability from the outside. The arrival of Pulis and Reddish further strengthens the Lakers’ front line, which will play an important role in the game. The signing of Hayes is considered to be an important strengthening of the Lakers’ interior depth, and he will provide the team with excellent rebounding and defense. The team’s management also extended the contracts of Reeves, Hachimura Kashimoto, and the Brows, who performed well last season, and the Lakers have formed a superb lineup for the new season.

Congratulations to James for his incredible journey in the NBA. The Lakers’ super lineup remains competitive and vies for another title

Although the Lakers lost some key players in the offseason, they managed to build a stronger team through a series of smart signings and trades. This team has both experienced veterans and young players with unlimited potential, and they will compete for the championship in the new season. The Lakers management is confident in the future of the team and believes that this series of signings will make the team stronger and capable of winning another championship in a highly competitive league. For Lakers fans, the new season is full of anticipation and excitement, and they are looking forward to the team’s breakthrough and success in the new season, while also hoping that James will be able to win his fifth championship in his career as he wishes!

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