The quality of ecological environment achieves more 100%!High -quality promotion of "Beautiful Beiyi" construction of Beibei District

On June 28, the press conference in the second quarter of the ecological environmental protection wo

On June 28, the press conference in the second quarter of the ecological environmental protection work in Beiyi District was held in 2024. The on -site release of the ecological environment quality status of Beibei District in 2023 and the key work of ecological environmental protection in 2024.
“Last year, the number of days of excellent air quality in our district reached 310 days throughout the year, ranking second in the central urban area.” Wang Chunyan, Secretary of the Party Group and Director of the Beibei District Ecological and Environment Bureau, introduced that in 2023, the quality of the ecological environment of Beibei DistrictThe stable water quality has reached category II, and the water quality of 11 water function areas and 15 centralized drinking water sources is 100%; the safety utilization rate of key construction land is 100%; the urban sound environment, natural conditions and radiation environment are generally stable.
Since the beginning of this year, Beibei District has integrated and implemented the key action of Beibei, and has systematically promoted the construction of beautiful Beiyi.In terms of water management, the river system is strictly implemented, and the “Liangtan River” One River One Strategy “work plan in 2024” is implemented.The standard rate is stable and maintained 100%; in terms of governance, the northern tadpoles coordinate the implementation of ozone, fine particulate matter and volatile organic matter in -depth treatment. Zhicheng Food Street Catering Oil Flower Reconstruction Project was selected as the first batch of typical cases of the first batch of “qi” tackling war;In terms of soil treatment, the source of the source of heavy metal pollution of polluting cultivated land is strengthened. The safety utilization rate of polluting cultivated land in the region has maintained 100%, and the safety utilization rate of key construction land is 100%.
In recent years, Beibei District has adhered to the ecological priority and implemented the construction of “non -waste cities” in the region. At present, 168 “unscrupulous cities cells” have been built in the region, and the total regional emission reduction tasks were completed in 2023. Among them, nitrogen oxide, ammonia nitrogenComplete the “Fourteenth Five -Year Plan” goal task in advance.
As one of the cases of continuous promotion of green demonstration in Beibei District, Chongqing Changjiang Styling Materials (Group) Co., Ltd., a company in the area under its jurisdiction, was awarded the title of “2023 Chongqing Green Low Carbon Typical Case” and the “Municipal -level Waste Factory” in 2023.
It is understood that Chongqing Yangtze River Styling Materials (Group) Co., Ltd. is a listed company specializing in the production of cast sand, casting waste sand recycling and fracture support agents. In recent years, the company has independently developed “cast waste sandThe combination method of energy -saving flexible regeneration technology and equipment “, using casting waste sand for reproduction, the annual output of regeneration sand exceeds 1 million tons, and achieved 100ւzation of cast waste sand, which is a reduction, resource, harmlessization of solid waste in the cityLevel comprehensive improvement provides strong support.
Wang Chunyan said that in the next, Beibei District will continue to cultivate the “ecological humanities” article, further cultivate the ecological background of the beautiful Beidao construction, and strive to contribute more in the high -quality development and beautiful Chongqing construction of the Yangtze River Economic Belt.
Upstream journalist Feng Rui