The Ministry of Ecology and Environment deploys environmental supervision and emergencies in the flood season

Source: Xinhua News AgencyXinhua News Agency, Beijing, June 24th.(Reporter Gao Jing) Li Tianwei, director of the

Source: Xinhua News Agency
Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, June 24th.(Reporter Gao Jing) Li Tianwei, director of the Ecological Environmental Emergency Command Leading Group Office of the Ministry of Ecology and Environment, said on the 24th that since the flood in the flood, some watersheds have continuously rainfall, which has caused floods and geological disasters.The Ministry of Ecology and Environment attaches great importance to the environmental safety work in the flood season, and arranges the environmental supervision of the flood season and the response to emergencies in the flood season.
At the press conference held on the day of the Ministry of Ecology and Environment, Li Tianwei introduced that this year’s Ministry of Ecology and Environment issued documents and deployed related work.
The first is to strengthen the investigation of hidden dangers of various types of environmental risks.All localities determine the focus of the section and drinking water sources in the flood season of this administrative area, identify the main pollution sources that affect water quality and drink water safety within the waters of the section of the section, focus on key areas, industries, and enterprises, strengthen supervision of key periods, and key links, and in -depth investigation of garbage and straw stalks., Sudden pollution prevention and control of urban and rural sources such as sludge, livestock and poultry manure, operation facilities operation facilities, rivers and sewage outlets, and water pollution improvement in industrial parks, and “one waste, one warehouse, one product” (hazardous waste, tail mining, chemicals)There are outstanding problems in environmental risk prevention and control, establish a list of problems, and strengthen the rectification of problems.
The second is to do a good job of scientific judgment of risk during the flood season.All localities should carry out encrypted monitoring of key concerns and drinking water sources. The high -value section of pollution strength during the flood season and the timely warning of drinking water sources with hidden risks. If the water quality fluctuates abnormal fluctuations, effective disposal measures will be taken quickly.
The third is to strictly implement the emergency duty and information reporting system.The Ministry of Ecology and Environment deployed the information reporting work of major sensitive emergencies, and further clarified the three information report systems such as 1 hour report, on -site direct reporting, and parallel reporting.Quick report and should be reported.
Fourth, timely and properly handle various emergencies in the flood season.At present, the Ministry of Ecology and Environment has three environmental emergency teams, and rushed to the scene to guide emergency response to major sensitive emergencies.
Fifth, all parties are required to take responsibility.For the implementation of the main responsibility of the enterprise unit, for the adverse factors such as extreme weather such as extreme weather, improve the hidden danger investigation system, establish accounts and rectify in time.Government departments implement supervision responsibilities, formulate risk prevention and control work plans, organize experts to help, and enhance the ability to recognize and prevent and control the risk recognition and prevention and control of enterprises.