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Warriors’ Paul and Green reunite on the court, prepare for new season


With less than a month to go before the start of the new NBA season, players have ended their vacations and returned to the practice court. Last season, the Denver Nuggets won the championship with unstoppable momentum, but they are not invincible. Several teams made adjustments and reinforcements to their rosters this summer, so the Nuggets will face more powerful opponents. Their title defense will not be easy, and the competition will be more intense in the new season.

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The Golden State Warriors are a team with big goals and a deep roster. Stephen Curry publicly stated that he will do his best to lead the team to the championship, as this is his last dance in his career. As a legendary star, he certainly hopes to leave no regrets. Curry had a fulfilling offseason, not only vacationing but also participating in a golf tournament and finishing in a good position. He also returned to the practice court early, actively preparing for the new season. As the new season approaches, Chris Paul and Draymond Green also ended their rest time. They appeared on the court together and even competed in three-point shooting, showing that the team atmosphere is very good.

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In the 2022-23 season, Paul played 59 games in the regular season, averaging 32 minutes per game. He scored 13.9 points, 4.3 rebounds, 8.9 assists and 1.5 steals per game. His shooting percentage was 44%, his three-point percentage was 37.5%, and his free throw percentage was 83.1%.

Warriors’ Paul and Green reunite on the court, prepare for new season

Paul is the most important addition for the Warriors in the new season. The Warriors’ management and coaching staff, as well as his teammates, have high expectations for Paul. They hope he can replace Jordan Poole’s role and improve the team’s offensive level. Paul’s problem is his age and injury. He is already 38 years old, and his attendance rate has not been high in recent seasons. Due to these two factors, his defensive performance has declined a lot, but fortunately his offense still maintains a high level. In his career so far, he has never averaged less than 10 points per season, and the Warriors also hope he can do his best on this point.

Paul is a competitive and ambitious player who plays hard on the court. He often uses his smart intelligence to make up for his physical disadvantages. As an All-Star level player, Paul has outstanding organizational ability and stable scoring ability, so he is likely to get a lot of playing time in the new season. He will be an important member of the Warriors’ quest for good results.

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