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Old department stores have left the market. In the era when physical business cannot be "lying and winning", who can unlock the new password of consumption?

The decline of traditional department store formats seems to have become a trend.From Meilong Town Isendan, Pacific Department Store, Land Plaza

The decline of traditional department store formats seems to have become a trend.From Meilong Town Isendan, Pacific Department Store, Land Plaza bid farewell to the Shanghai market, to the closed store transformation of the 6th Basic Store, Huilian Commercial Building, and Shanghai Women’s Products Store,Old department stores have “left the market”Essenceat the same time,Shopping center usher in rapid developmentIn 2024, Shanghai planned to open a shopping center of more than 30,000 square meters (including old reform projects), with an area of 3.8 million square meters, a new high in 5 years.
There are e -commerce platforms to pursue online, and there are shopping malls besieged offline. The traditional department store format has long been “not transformed.”Coastal Jun survey found that in recent years, a number of department stores have changed their noodles to seek Nirvana rebirth. There are also a number of shopping malls and brains to frequently create hot topics.Everyone has consensus,In the era of physical business no longer “lying down”, not only has it standing up and running, but also faster than anyone else.
Time stops, traditional department stores closed stores
On March 25 this year, Yilongdan Department Store Co., Ltd., Shanghai Meilong Town, announced that it would officially terminate its business on June 30, 2024.This time, many Shanghai citizens sighed.
As one of the earliest foreign department stores in the Mainland, Isendan was once a symbol of fashion and trend, and took the lead in introducing a number of Japanese and overseas brands.Especially Incean, Meilong Town, the Meilong Town Plaza and the surrounding CITIC Taifu and Hang Lung Square have formed the “Meitai Hengjin Triangle”, which is a representative of Shanghai’s high -end business.
During the Qingming small holiday, Incean, Meilong Town launched a clearance promotion to accelerate the retreat.butCompared with the “nostalgic wind” of the Internet, the heat in the mall is not so highOnly some counters have ushered in a batch of sweeping customers, and most of them are the most cost -effective Japanese products.
“Time seems to have stagnated here.” Ms. Lu worked on office buildings on Nanjing West Road. She had lunch at Ishidan, Meilong Town at noon.Daily life.But after going to another company, it has not been here for about seven or eight years.“I heard that I was about to close the store, I just wanted to take a look again. I didn’t expect that the brands and layouts here have not changed, or they look like that year. Traditionally, low -key but lacking new ideas, no wonder there is no one now.”
Beauty on the first floor, beauty and underwear on the second floor, on the third floor and above are basically clothing, shoes, bags and accessories. Many brands make young people feel strange.Grocery, restaurants and beauty shops are randomly distributed on each floor. Except for Manchu desserts on the fifth floor, other restaurants are hidden in the corner, and there are basically no guests.Only supermarkets and food streets on the ground floor are more popular.The coastal king saw on the Internet that young consumers who came from hearing news bluntly said,“Old -style malls are both vision, like returning to the last century”Essence
Not only Ise Dan.On February 18 this year, Shanghai Sixth Department Store officially closed the store after its business. It was on the side of it. Pacific Department Store, which has been operating for 30 years, bid farewell to Shanghai consumers last year.Prior to this, Pacific Department Store Huaihai Store, Xinke Station Store, and Land Square closed stores.In other cities, it is not uncommon to close the door of department stores.
The main experience of experiencing the rise
Shanghai is the birthplace of modern Chinese department store formats.First Ship Department Store, one of the four major companies in Nanjing Road, is the ancestor of the Shanghai Department Store industry.In 1995, the first eighty Bai opened, this is the first large -scale department store in China to jointly joint venture in China.Since then, the department store format has ushered in the “golden age”.
However, with the rise of e -commerce, people can easily shop through mobile phones, without having to spend time to go to physical stores, and large shopping malls are opened in various corners of the city to provide diversified shopping, catering, entertainment and experience places.Attracted a lot of consumers.The competitiveness of department stores has been seriously challenged.
Industry insiders said that many veteran stores have opened for more than ten years or even decades. Their decoration is often old, and the proportion of formats is relatively traditional. It is mainly based on traditional products such as clothing and home department stores.With the change of the times and the upgrading of consumer demand, this traditional business model has difficulty to meet the needs of modern consumers.“Now consumers’ demand is not only the product itself, but also values the comfort, convenience and interest in the shopping process. This is precisely the shortcomings of department stores.”
Compared with the continuous closing stores of traditional department stores,Shanghai’s shopping malls have opened more, bigger, and fartherEssenceAccording to statistics from the Shanghai Shopping Center Association, as of the end of 2023, there were 381 existing shopping malls (more than 30,000 square meters), with a total construction area of 2825.76 square meters.Among them, there are 16 super -large shopping malls with more than 200,000 square meters, including Lujiazui Shanghai Center, Shanghai Global Port, Pentagon, and Nanxiang Impression City.
Today, the shopping mall has become the main force of physical business.In 2024, Shanghai will add another 52 shopping malls with more than 30,000 square meters(Including the old renovation project), five new cities are the main area, and 40 new projects are small and medium -sized shopping centers with less than 100,000 square meters.Parent -child, Yi Lao, food, sports competition, entertainment trainingWaiting for multiple segmented areas, the community business that focuses on the needs of citizens.
Rich business combination harvested offline traffic
The core advantage of high -energy players in shopping mall is to provide consumers with good space environmental services through the collection of different formats, create highlights of scene topics, attract consumers, retain consumers, and become a collection of offline traffic.
As the largest shopping mall in the central urban area of Shanghai, in 2023, Shanghai Global Port was sold in annual sales revenue20.3 billion yuanThe good results surpassed 17.1 billion yuan in Shanghai Hang Lung Square, and settled in the throne of the Shanghai commercial sales list.From the “big and soil” that was “laughed at” ten years ago, to today’s “Crown Crown” and “Popular King”, what did Shanghai Global Port do right?
Entering Global Port, its area is large and full of functions, which is amazing, as if it is a giant aircraft carrier with commercial functions.According to reports,Global Port is constantly adjusting the brand format every year, and the average annual new rate is close to 10%.In 2023, more than 30 first stores were introduced, including Tomo -Playing collection shop tomato pockets, DIY hand -made brand HOWOW D2Y, weaving Hanfu, etc., injecting full kinetic energy for the active consumption index, and also harvested the huge passenger traffic for the mall.Essence
Breaking through the traditional shopping center model, Shanghai Global Port will alsoDiversified art activityIncorporate daily business operations, and has gradually mastered the happy password of young people’s “interest consumption”.The 4th floor entertainment hall was upgraded. At the beginning of the year, the national pattern roller skating championship was ushered in. It also introduced the “symphony concert”, popular stage drama, the Louvre collection art exhibition, the legendary Picasso art exhibition and other exhibitions.The applause is also known as the cross -border integration and trend gathering of Shanghai’s multiculturalism.
Also mainly mainly play all -aged customer base, Hongqiao Nanfeng City is used to useParent -child formatTo cut the entrance, use“Baby Economy”Drive the consumption needs of the entire family and increase consumer viscosity.In the 9th year of opening, the atrium of Hongqiao Nanfeng City is 6 to 7 IPs each year. The familiar cartoon authorization IP has basically used it.Focusing on parent -child, various formats from retail, catering to education and entertainment experience in the mall are all available, and the brand is quite complete.“Puxi Parent -Child Shopping Mall”The benchmark image.
The IP exhibition of “Exploration of Leopard Tibetan Forest” in Nanfeng City is quite popular
In order to allow the parents of “baby” to settle down to shop, and truly turning “traffic” into “retention”, Hongqiao Nanfeng City has also moved a lot of brains.For example, at the same time as the atrium is the IP, it has set up a flash area for the car brand, realizes the consumption experience of “mothers and dads, and dads watch the car”, and create traffic for their own physical stores.for exampleIn non -winter and summer vacation, introducing art IPs, attracting surrounding white -collar workers, enriching the source of customers, creating opportunities for non -catering shops, etc.Essence
Finding your own positioning department store still can still do it
Based on the moment, how should department stores transform and break?After more than ten years of struggle, the way out in front of the department store has been very clear, there are only two, only two, and there are only two.One is to make bigger, the other is to do a specialtyEssence
The so -called bigger is not only expanding the area, but more importantlyExpand the format, To provide more tricks, let customers keep making retorters;Positioning more accurately and closer, Elderly, urban white -collar workers, maternal and infants, two -dimensional markets are all market segments that can be deeply cultivated.
Last weekend, the first eighty Bai was in order to warm up the “Five -Five Five Shopping Festival”, and launched an annual special session for a special session. With “the most discounted promotional activity in the year” as a gimmick, it attracted consumers to “buy, buy, buy” in advance.EssenceWang Jia, deputy general manager of the first eighty Bai, said,Department Store is a destination consumer place. Unlike shopping malls, in order to meet the diverse needs and personalized preferences of customers, brand adjustment has never stopped.Main lineEssence
“After adjustment, the number of planning cosmetics brands on the first floor increased from 34 to 45, and the 27 beauty brands renewed and upgraded to further determine the head position of the eight hundreds of beauty cosmetics in the Shanghai market.The facade project is transformed, and the large curved wall and the rotating stairs are made into ‘net red punching points’. “
When it comes to adjustment, New World Oshimaru Department Store will start high -level transformation this year.Inspired by “Crown”, creating “Eye of the Bund”, setting up a highlight area such as cultural gallery, interactive space, wild fun garden, and brand show fieldThe aim of becoming a net red punch point in the minds of citizens.Ye Yifan, Executive Director of New World Okura Department Store, said that this transformation is not only an upgrade of the physical space of the mall, but also an innovative attempt for traditional department store formats. I hope to attract more fashionable and young consumers and let them at different times during different times.You can find a consumer scene that suits you.
Bailian ZX on the East Road of Nanjing became Shanghai Second Direct Holy Land
There are also some old department stores that cut into the market segment and transform from comprehensive department store to theme department stores.Among them, the most successful case is undoubtedly transformed by Hua Lian Commercial Building.The first domestic business building with the theme of “secondary element” -Bailian ZX ZX Chuangqu FieldEssenceEvery detail in the mall is “embracing the two -dimensional”. On the whole, it is based on the “Gen Z” culture and circle recognition. From the constructing a common discourse system, pass to the two -dimensional enthusiastsThe community space that gathers the two -dimensional culture together.Only one year after opening, the Bailian ZX Chuangqu Field has become the “secondary cultural sacred place” for younger generations of social consumption in Shanghai.During the Spring Festival this year, its single -store passenger flow rose 63%, and the scale sales increased by 175%.
There are also old -fashioned department stores such as the 1st Cash on Commercial Center and New World City. AlsoTake out some floors and create the “two -dimensional” theme neighborhood and performing spaceWith the help of business and travelers, we will cooperate together to attract more young consumers to enter the store.”We hope to use the adjustment and improvement of goods and services to attract more young customer bases.” Zhao Weigang, general manager of the No. 1 Business Center, said that the 1st Store has created a 4,000 -square -meter “Star Space” on the 7th floor of the mall and possessed.Twelve immersive theaters have become the new landmark of Shanghai Performing Arts.“According to our survey, the post -90s female consumers are the main force of‘ Star Space ’Watching Star, and it is also the main customer group we focus on attracting.”
There are many volumes of the market, and Shanghai’s business is working hard.As the times continue to move forward, whether it is a department store or a shopping center, business upgrades and adjustments have always been an unchanged proposition, and it is an important measure to maintain a competitive advantage.Only with high volunteers can Shanghai become a new consumer brand gathering place, a source of innovation in model, and consumer trend vane to accelerate the attractiveness and influence of international consumer center cities.
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