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Huaxia China Resources Commercial REIT’s first transcript: 54 -day revenue exceeds 100 million yuan

As the largest consumer REITS on the market, China CR commercial REIT (fund code: 180601) has attracted market attention s

As the largest consumer REITS on the market, China CR commercial REIT (fund code: 180601) has attracted market attention since its establishment.Recently, the Fund reported the first time after the China Resources Commercial REIT was listed.In the first quarter of this year, the underlying asset operation of the fund was stable and the performance was bright. From February 7th to March 31, the revenue was 10,743,400 yuan, and the distribution amount was 5,12.19 million yuan.Yuan/Part), the annualized distribution rate reached 5.03%.Huaxia China Resources Commercial REIT achieved a popular performance and submitted a satisfactory answer to investors.

High -quality underlying assets and professional operation management help performance “opening the door”

As of the end of the first quarter of this year, Huaxia China Resources Commercial REIT has only established 54 days.It can achieve excellent revenue performance in a short period of time, inseparable from the innate endowment of underlying assets and the professional empowerment of the transportation management team.

Huaxia China Resources Commercial REIT’s first -level assets are Qingdao Vientiane City, which is a benchmark commercial project of China Resources Land.Qingdao Vientiane City is located in the core business district of the city. The business atmosphere is strong, complete, and convenient for transportation. It is one of the largest shopping malls in Shandong Province.It has strong competitiveness and first -mover advantages in Qingdao, which is conducive to generating sustainable and stable cash flow and realizing investment returns.

Shopping center operation management involves many links and strong professionalism, and its performance is largely dependent on professional operation management capabilities.After the listing of the Fund, China Resources Land and China Resources Vientiane Life continued to provide operating management services, continuing the existing operating management team and management mechanism, and effectively ensuring the stable operation of the project.Relying on China Resources Land and the deep brand resources of China Resources Vientiane life and a perfect full value chain operation system, it continues to empower Qingdao Vientiane City and promote continuous improvement of performance.

The first quarter report showed that as of the end of the first quarter, the rental rate of Qingdao Vientiane City was 99.16%. Compared with the 98.30%of the initial evaluation base, 98.30%further increased, stabilized and maintained a high level.The passenger flow increased by 12.3%year -on -year, all of which continued to grow.As a large amount of shopping malls, the concentration of the tenants of Qingdao Vientiane City continues to maintain a lower level. The tenant structure has good decentralization. Relying on the advantages of brand resources, it continues to optimize brand -level.(Has opened), Shandong’s first Nike Rise 1200 (preparation for opening), professional makeup brand Bobbi Brown boutique (preparation opening) and other brand shops to further enrich the format layout, which will bring higher benefits to the project and introduce the flow of passenger flow.EssenceIt is worth mentioning that Qingdao Vientiane City is undergoing local formats to actively optimize and adjust and renovate. It is planned to be completed at the end of October 2024. It is expected that the rental area of about 6,168 square meters will be added at that time.Asset value and income level.

Stable dividend cash flow, investment target worthy of attention

With the listing of the first batch of consumer infrastructure REITs, the real estate investment trust fund (REITs) market in the infrastructure sector in my country has achieved smooth expansion and increases, and the types of asset types and investment targets are further enriched.Article Nine of the New State proposes that “the high -quality development of the Reistor Investment Trust Fund (REITs) market” is promoted, and subsequent development is expected.

Infrastructure REITs is an international -run allocation asset, which has the characteristics of high liquidity, relatively stable income, strong security, etc. REITS products use 90%of the annual distribution profits of the year for dividends, high proportion of dividends, at least once a year, at least once dividends once a year, at least once a year dividend once a year.It is suitable for long -term investors with stable dividend income and have high allocation value. Similar to stocks, ordinary investors can participate in the secondary market investment transactions of REITs through the stock APP and other channels, so as to enjoy dividend income and potential value -added income.

It is worth mentioning that according to the recruitment instructions, China CR commercial REIT is not less than once every six months. Based on the good performance in the first quarter, the frequency of dividends is expected to further improve.

Looking forward to the market outlook, residents’ disposable income continues to increase, which will provide strong support for the consumption of urban residents. The daily shopping needs of residents will gradually be upgraded to high -quality shopping and space experience needs.Consumption demand is expected to be further released. As an important consumer scenic carrier, shopping malls will continue to play an important role in promoting consumption.Shopping centers with outstanding location advantages such as Qingdao Vientiane City, large scale, large -scale volume, rich formats, and outstanding operating capabilities can better meet the high -quality consumption needs of residents, and achieve performance growth through market share improvement.

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