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Business exterior, enhance the fireworks of the city

According to the “Workers’ Daily” on April 16, as the temperature recovers, the commercial outflows in many

According to the “Workers’ Daily” on April 16, as the temperature recovers, the commercial outflows in many cities have returned again, bringing more novel and interesting, diverse consumption scenarios and consumer choices to consumers, “ignite”The fireworks of the city in spring.While surrendering the dazzling “transcripts”, the favorable policies of business exterior have continued to increase the vitality of the outer economy.
In recent years, many cities have clearly set up stalls in an orderly manner and allowed business to spread out.For consumers, similar commercial plants are unique forms of consumption.For more pedestrians, this is the hot life and business vitality of the urban business district.
From characteristic morning markets, night markets, trunk markets to characteristic style neighborhoods, urban landscape belts, etc., some outer plans have even become Internet celebrity fashion punching places, constantly attracting attention and gathering popularity.The strong and relatively fixed outdoor business is a simple and clear commercial label in the city, which can truly reflect the city’s fireworks.Therefore, more and more places have begun to adapt to local conditions, and have introduced policies to encourage the development of various business forms, including various new formats such as commercial exterior to promote consumption and boost the economy.
Commercial exterior and common stalls are not the same thing. Generally speaking, stalls are a type of individual business. There are no fixed places. It is a trade form of individuals engaged in commodity retail in non -specialized public places.Commercial exterior is a way to support enterprises or individuals out of business space and create consumer scenarios to stimulate consumption.
The business entity of the business outside can be an enterprise or an individual, a way to promote flexible employment and expand the scale of employment.Compared to large shopping malls, the goods on the outside are closer to consumers.On the one hand, commercial exterior can bring consumers with more tentacles and diversified consumption experiences, extending service radius for merchants, and providing more sales channels. On the other hand, through different regions, different seasons, and different cultural themesCommercial exterior such as different activities such as activities can stimulate consumers’ desire for consumption, stimulate the vitality of urban consumption, and release the potential of economic growth.
Commercial exterior operation can also show the economic vitality of a city and test the management capabilities of a city.Commercial exterior needs to have certain rules and supervision. If it is completely handed over to the market operating subject, there may be disorderly growth.The planning and orderly development of external operations can not only bring a new consumer experience, shape the brand image of commercial enterprises, but also show the city’s economic characteristics, cultural characteristics and the temperature of people’s livelihood.
Therefore, the economy outside the city also requires relevant parties to regulate and restrict their operating areas, time, and content, so as to standardize and guide the orderly operation of operating entities in an orderly manner, guide and urge merchants to implement the city’s environmental sanitation responsibilities, so that they can allow merchantsFireworks in the city do not disturb the people, continue to improve the quality of business outside, and bring consumers a better experience.
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