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Sports hit fashion!Enjoy this tide cool sports feast in Chengdu commercial landmarks 丨 Shiyun New December City

In August next year, Chengdu will hold the 12th World Games in 2025.Following the Chengdu Grand Games, the World Games continued to

In August next year, Chengdu will hold the 12th World Games in 2025.Following the Chengdu Grand Games, the World Games continued to drive the upgrade of sports consumption, and Chengdu once again set off a climax of national fitness.This weekend, the “New December City” of the World Games in January 1st -the theme continued to open the market -Following the “Friendship” city in January, the “Happy” city in February, and the March “challenge” city in April”The city is about to open, and an immersive tide cool sports feast will be wonderful in Chengdu SKP.
Fashionable landmark new gameplay new gameplay new trends
Parkour is the fashion limit sports that is popular all over the world, and it is also one of the competitions of the Chengdu World Games.Parkour athletes mostly use the daily living environment (mostly cities) as the sports venue to quickly and effectively control any environment.At present, Parkour has become the official competition of the International Gymnastics Federation.
At the “Run” city event site in April, the well -known Parkour team in Chengdu will walk on the wall, shining, and running freely at the SKP site in Chengdu.Dynamic music and cool skills, the charm of the parkour will presumably let you clap your hands!
In particular, it is worth mentioning that the parkour world champion He Yiyu will also airborne the scene and interact with the citizens.
At the same time, a unique children’s racing experience will also be carried out under professional guidance.Under the full safety protection measures, a fierce competition will show the power of the new generation of Chinese Parkour!
In addition to the parkour, the two Chengdu World Games projects of the FPV drone racing and throwing the ball were also set up at the scene to present a visual feast for the citizens.
In most people’s impression, drones are shooting equipment for large -scale activities or travel shooting.However, drones can also be a “racing machine”, and the drone is made for the first time in the last Birmingham World Games.In the competition, athletes need to wear professional glasses to control the drone to complete the rotation, obstacle avoidance, and surround action with “first viewing corners”.
In the World Games competition, throwing balls is also interesting and challenging.The athletes need to hold the ball. After aiming at it, they gently rolled or dexterous, the ball fell, or gently approached the target, or a “bang” hitting the target, hitting the feeling of “throwing the ground”.The 2025 Chengdu World Games is approaching, and similar emerging campaigns are getting closer and closer to everyone’s life.At that time, various trend movements will ignite the atmosphere of the World Games, and depict “the happiness in the fireworks” with a prosperous youth attitude.
Double “U” market, non -heritage and food blend
At the event site, the World Games LOGO Double “U” is also inspired to set up a dual “U” market to work with many well -known catering brands to provide everyone with exquisite food.
In addition, the event also integrates Chengdu’s traditional “December City” Jinshi, showing the art of non -heritage dyeing at the scene, so that everyone can experience the unique charm of non -heritage in person.The World Games+non -heritage+food, have this unique experience that has made your expectations full?
In the rainy season, the seeds of the next World Games are planted
This activity happened to be held after the traditional Chinese soil valley.Gu Yu is the sixth solar terms of the twenty -four solar terms, and the last solar term in spring.Combining traditional customs such as sowing and transplanting during the rainy season, the “seeds of the next World Games” activities were set up.
Spring is twilight, summer is coming, and the movement is at the time. Let us plant the seeds of the WTO together, and plant the infinite expectations of the Chengdu World Games.
Entering the business district in sports events, the “traffic” of the event “increment”
The event also set up a surprise lottery.As long as friends who come to the event site, send you a short video link to this event on any social platform in the WeChat group, you can receive a lottery ticket everywhere, and you can make a lottery on the main stage with the lottery ticket.EssenceThe World Games Collection, World Games Mark Cup, World Games Strawberry Pot, World Games Coffee, World Games Canvas Bags, Non -Heritage Dyeing Experience, etc., wait for you to bring home, win 100 % of the probability of winning!
The “running market” in the World Games in December, incorporating sports events into urban commercial landmarks, and will connect sports, music, shopping, food and trend.Entering the business district for sports events will stimulate new vitality of consumption, and the “traffic” of the event is changing consumption “increment”.
Relying on the construction of the “three cities and three capitals”, various new consumer scenes have emerged in Chengdu. A international consumer center city that contains Tianfu’s cultural characteristics, highlights the characteristics of the park city, and leads international fashion is accelerating.
The Chengdu World Games will also welcome friends from all over the world with a more open and enthusiastic attitude.
Come, run together!
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