No doubt, the top spot for the NBA’s best three-point shooter is undisputed!


This is a description of the top five three-point shooters in NBA history, and the following is a brief summary of each player:

No. 5 Klay Thompson:

Has the fourth-highest career three-point percentage in NBA history.
Has made numerous key three-pointers in the Finals to help the Warriors win three championships.
Not only is he great on the offensive end, but he is also a great defensive player, able to defend the opposing team’s best perimeter air max 1 womens leopard
Fourth Kyle Korver:

Considered one of the purest, most professional, and most understated three-point shooters in NBA history.
Set a magnificent record of hitting over 50 percent of his shots, including three-pointers, two-pointers and free throws in the 2014-15 season.
Shoots with a clean and efficient motion, providing a steady fire of support from teammates.
Third Reggie Miller:

Was the NBA’s all-time leader in career three-point attempts, shooting 39.5 percent from three for his career.
Often hit deadly three-pointers from the top of the key in the playoffs.
Aggressive and mental, sparking many classic matchups and stories.

No doubt, the top spot for the NBA’s best three-point shooter is undisputed!

No. 2 Ray Allen:

Considered one of the most graceful and deadly three-point shooters in NBA history.
Led different teams (Bucks, Supersonics, Celtics and Heat) to championships.
Shooting motion is touted to be flawless, extremely quick on his shots, and agile running without the ball.
No. 1 Stephen Curry:

Considered the most accurate, courageous and innovative three-point shooter in NBA history.
Led the Warriors to four championships and six Finals appearances.
Earned multiple MVP honors, including Finals MVP, and multiple All-Star selections.
These five players have left their mark on NBA history with their exceptional three-point shooting skills and accomplishments, changing the landscape and tactics of the game and elevating the three-point shot to a vital part of modern basketball. Both their individual qualities have had a profound impact on the development of the league.

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