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Neil Robertson Acknowledges the Need to Prioritize Snooker Over Family for Greater Success After a Year Without Trophies


Neil Robertson secured consecutive Tour Championship titles in 2021 and 2022, along with the English Open triumph two years ago and the Players Championship victory last year. Nevertheless, his recent performance has been inconsistent, leading him to acknowledge the necessity of intensifying his training regimen, even if it means sacrificing some family time. “My primary objective is to return to the winner’s circle in tournaments,” affirmed the Australian.

Neil Robertson says family life must take a back seat if he is to return to the top of his game and “get back to winning tournaments”.
The Australian last lifted a trophy in April 2022 with victory over John Higgins in the final of the Tour Championship.
With the English Open underway, Robertson hopes the Home Nations series gives him a chance of glory this year, having gone close in recent times.

Speaking to Eurosport, Robertson said: “I think in three of them last year, I got to the semi-finals in three which is fantastic. Hit the crossbar a couple of times. Didn’t quite convert. I probably should’ve converted two of them last year into tournament wins.”
Robertson hopes a change in his mentality away from the table will have a positive impact on his performance when he plays tournament snooker.
“I feel really good. Practice has been going really well. Probably a little bit more selfish with my time on the practice table compared to family time.
“I think last year, family time I maybe prioritised just a little bit too much,” he said.

“I wasn’t as ruthless when I was away so this year I’m trying to get back to that where I can’t worry about [son] Alexander’s football. If I miss his matches, I miss his matches. I need to get back to winning tournaments.”

Neil Robertson Acknowledges the Need to Prioritize Snooker Over Family for Greater Success After a Year Without Trophies

Asked if he is worried about a lack of recent success, Robertson said: “Last season, I think, I was playing absolutely fantastic in spells. Certainly on the back half of the calendar year I was playing brilliant. Better than I was probably in the previous season where I really cleaned up.

“You can’t always get the results in snooker and if you can’t get the results, you look at the performances. I think the performances last season were actually very good.
“It just wasn’t until after the new year where I got the really bad flu and wasn’t 100% for the next few events and that seemed to have a knock on effect where I just couldn’t get that momentum when you’re in a really good flow of getting deep into tournaments.”
After winning the English Open two years ago, Robertson had hopes that more glory could be awaiting him in Brentwood ahead of his opening match against Sanderson Lam.

“Dedication and practice has been going just brilliant so far this season so I can’t wait to get stuck in and try my best to win this one.”

Regrettably, the Australian’s hopes were dashed in the initial round, as Lam delivered a remarkable performance to claim a 4-2 victory.

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