Lecce-Salernitana, Sousa: “We’re weaker than last season. New additions require time to adapt.”


Salernitana suffered a crushing defeat against the mighty Lecce. It was their first league defeat of the season, having already won against Roma and Udinese respectively.The 2-0 scoreline was particularly frustrating and coach Paulo Sousa commented on it after the game. Here are some of his points from the DAZN interview:

Lecce Salernitana, in Sousa’s words
Need for offensive power: “Every team needs a scorer who fights for Serie A and victory. Even defensive players need to be actively involved in the offense today. Defense is part of the team’s construction.”

PERFORMANCE: “We created important scoring chances, more than Lecce, but after their goal we became more determined. But just going home with the points is not enough. We played against a well-organized and physical team who won many key duels.”

New players’ performance: “I am satisfied with the new players, such as Cabral and Legovsky, who have adapted to the rhythm of our game. However, when we asked for more from the substitutes, we realized that they needed more time to settle in and adapt.”https://www.fashionfootwearmall.com

Lecce-Salernitana, Sousa: “We’re weaker than last season. New additions require time to adapt.”

Team form: “I agree with the sports director that at the moment we are a bit weaker than last year because we lost two players who had a positive impact on the result (Piontek and Verena). Piona is a great player who provides us with a lot of depth. Eric is growing in the position, but he needs to improve his aggression and goal scoring sense.”

NEW SIGNINGS: “In midfield, we have Mattegany, who comes from another league and who usually plays in a higher position. He is technically excellent and has a good shot, but he still needs to adapt to playing lower down the pitch. We hope to utilize him. For this league and our team needs, all the other new players still need time, but it’s our responsibility to help them integrate into the team faster and contribute to the team.”

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