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Source | Mr. MallResponsible editor | Han WeizhengThe first generation of Internet celebrity business is

Source | Mr. Mall

Responsible editor | Han Weizheng

The first generation of Internet celebrity business is strugglingEssenceIn the market, there are too few brands that can play and play well, the scarcity of excellent business operation teams, and sustainable income and other issues.Under the value of value, how should the online celebrity business be broken?

As the concept of the “curatorial business”, the opening of 2019Shanghai TX HuaihaiWith the creative trading method of “young power”, the breakthrough brand investment promotion, and the trendy cultural activity of extreme pioneers, it shocked the relatively conservative domestic business market at that time.Red non -standard project.

But the dispute over its business model has never stopped.Especially in the second half of last year, the project partner Bailian Group’s early capital investment has been exhausted.

Recently, there are news claiming,

If the project cannot improve its own hematopoietic ability as soon as possible, it may give a huge question mark on the cooperation between the two parties, or even the opening and closing of the project.

And we scanned the market and found that behind the former halo, we have gradually declined and even fell into a dilemma, far more than one.

Shanghai TX Huaihai

Behind the halo, the net red business goes down the altar

Shanghai TX Huaihai

The stagnation of the pace is not no trace.

As one of the highlights, at the beginning of the project, the platform of serving the brand was located as its positioning. By introducing many first stores and star shops, and the resource grafting and marketing methods that matched the market, it filled the blank area of the physical business at that time.

The super high popularity collected through the brand

But in less than 5 years, a wave of main stores have quietly withdrawn.

From the perspective of brand loss, this originator of the Kaishan, who has been imitated by countless young and non -standard business practitioners, is now far less competitive than in the past.

Four layers of atrium passedMain Middle Store Milesmarket x OiamFor example, the shop once attracted a lot of high net worth individuals with a large open space of 500 square meters and a variety of sea Amoy furniture and bags, as well as young people who like medieval style.

Milesmarket x oiam

At the end of last year, this iconic store did not resist the decrease in the overall passenger flow of the project and the pressure on operating revenue and expenditure. After the compressed area, the store was shifted from the core area of the floor to the side of the elevator.

But even if I did a subtraction in the space, I still did not escape the fate of closed stores.

The release announcement of the project release

We talked to the merchants who withdrew one of them,“The decline in passenger flow, bad business, and the overall business have not been good before.” It has become the reason for their timely stop loss.

Although in recent years, the TX Huaihai team continues to conduct brand investment in pioneering trends, and has successively introduced new faces such as Human Made’s first store and Nike Huaihai trend experience store.

However, compared with the phenomenal -level punch -in situation caused by the “harvesting machine” called the first store before, in addition to these sporadic celebrities, in addition to these sporadic celebrities,At present, the overall brand is slightly “low -key”,The volume is not as good as before.

Now searching for the entry of Shanghai TX Huaihai, such as social platforms such as public reviews, it is also common for the sounds such as “there is a small passenger flow” and “the brand is uneven”.

The first layer of the most main shop is currently being siege

The same time was once sealed, but now facing the problem of paving, there are still in Chengdu


Regular Yuanye.

The project is based on an immersive park business as a highlight, located in the Dasuan Central Park with a total area of about 2.3 square kilometers.

Regular’s sinking entrance

Although the project itself is less than 7,000 square meters, up to 80%of the green plant coverage and the semi -open space form are very in line with Chengdu’s “Bazi” atmosphere.Also allowing this novel business form, it soon became a new landmark of urban punch in Xiaohongshu.

Ecological environment in the project

The “urban oasis” atmosphere created in order to fit the project itself, regula

At the beginning of the opening, more than 20 young brands covering the main shops and buyer stores were deployed. However, this number is now only half left.

Current shops

Zuczug, a popular clothing brand that has come out of Shanghai for the first time, is a subsidiary of the buyer shop-

in the park,

It was also withdrawn in November last year.

in the party

At present, there are only 4 brand retail stores and 8 restaurants in the project.We talked to several of them, not only our own performance is not satisfactory, but also feedback that the project has been in a state of siege recently, and the overall is no longer as vitality at the time of opening.

The decent passenger flow at noon on working days

The situation we observe in the project is also similar:

The passenger flow is scarce, the clerk is slow, and the loneliness is lonely.

Although the scale and aesthetics of the space are still online, it is difficult to say that a “suitable for people” project is still a “worth learning business”.

From the perspective of social media, even if the design and natural elements of the Racular Yuanye still attract urban youths to relax and check in on weekends, but

The decline in the overall passenger flow, and the “one afternoon of a cup of coffee” is obviously unable to support the daily income index of the brand in the field.

It is reported that the project team is currently undergoing content renovation, and maybe more freshly released in April to get rid of the “ebb period” that the project will face 2 and a half years after the opening of the project.

Scarlet customers during noon

Similar examples, of course, there are once valuations over 10 billionWen and friends.

This commercial project integrating catering, culture, and entertainment is known as the “Disney” in the Chinese food industry and the gold medal IP of the immersive commercial super -new species, but after the myth of tens of thousands of people and other positions in GuangshenIn less than half a year, everyone quickly drew everyone.

At present, the second and third floors have stopped business on the second and third floors, and there are few diners in the hall.

On the other side, Shenzhen Wenheyou, who has settled in 100+ brands, currently shows that there are only 17 remaining shops in the public comments. The retro scene with a high density of punch -in -cards also became a vacant store space that no one asked.

The internal project is deserted

The existing brand combinations have long been not in the upsurge of tea, and the wave of POP MART. It feels like pulling the street barbecue stalls on the old street to the room.

Shenzhen Wenheyou’s current brand portfolio

Why have these Internet celebrities who have earned sufficient sounds have gone downhill?

Behind the phenomenon, the three major problems of online celebrity commercial sustainability

In the eyes of many people, the “Internet celebrity non -standard projects” representing the future direction of business, its fall speed seems to be beyond expectations.

We try to find

The possible cause behind the symptoms.

01 Challenge of China Merchants Strategy

First of all, it must be pointed out that these projects must not deliberately choose a more difficult road.But

The deficiencies of the project itself on the sector, transportation or hardware cannot be used to open the market with standardized ideas.

Therefore, we have to do a different approach and try to kill a new way.

The innovative ideas that dare to break through are the source of vitality of physical business.When a project is special and novel, the traffic naturally rises, becoming an Internet celebrity.

From this point of view, the ideas of these projects are indeed worthy of reference and admiration.

The original appearance of the TX Huaihai Project

butPursuit of traffic,It also gave the project’s continuous operation and laid major challenges.

The equivalent word of the Internet celebrity effect is “happy new and hate the old”.

If you only take traffic as competitiveness, once you lack fresh and exciting content, the huge “passers -by” and the youth group who is keen to pursue new things will quickly lose and cast it to the next place.

For example, projects such as Shanghai TX Huaihai, such as a strong cultural identity, if you want to meet the yearning for “early adopters” of generations of youths, not only need to continue to promote scene changes, create various activities at high frequencies, but also stimulate the perception and experience of the target customer base.It is also necessary to continue to introduce enough “playing” brands.This is also an important foundation for the concept of “curatorial”.

But the cold reality is that there are too few brands that will play and play well on the market!

If it is adjusted for adjustment, the overall quality of the brand matrix may be worse and worse.

The Shanghai TX Huaihai, which identifies this signal, proposed keywords of “curatorial retail strategy” in its internal discussion strategy 3.0 to adjust the “curatorial retail strategy” to adjust from space, quality, goods, data, and data to “brand and brand incubation”.Essence

This also demonstrates from the side

There are more monks in the market, and the fatal challenges brought by the adjustment strategy of online celebrities.

“Strategic Transformation of Shopping Center under New Consumption Trends”

Another solution is

Strong, creative, and good trial of the principals.

Aiming at the direction of China Merchants, some “cost -effective” higher street brands are aimed at winning a higher “cost -effective” to win.

In the past, Guangshen Superwen and Friends’s business strategies of “free store rental, packaging, packaging, and package publicity” have attracted many snack brands to successively open the branch into the project.All made a lot of money.

But these small brands rely too much on the overall hematopoietic ability of the project,

Once the heat passes, the passenger flow has declined, and the store itself has insufficient hematopoietic ability, it is easy to slide into the vicious circle of “less stores-less passenger flow”.

02 hidden danger of income model

The problem of income is the key to the sustainability of the project.

These projects, as described above, the defects of their own hardware conditions, have made it difficult for the initial rent to be high; what is introduced based on differentiated positioning is often the main brand or small brand that is still being explored.Weak ability.


When the project just opened a red fire, its operating income was often “applauding”, and it was impossible to quickly precipitate the next funds to support the subsequent difficulties.

For example, TX Huaihai, a high -volume sales of the project, most of them come from the deck revenue of brands such as nightclub MASTER bar, ski training and experience format Snow51, and these performances have contributed very limited to the rent of the project level.

Perhaps because of this, although TX Huaihai said in various interviews that the revenue obtained through curatives and activities can reach the level of even more than ordinary shopping malls.But

Always taboo for the overall rental efficiency level of the project.

Once the dividend period has passed, and the brand lineup with excellent operating capabilities and excellent sales performance for a long time, it will enter the dilemma of “decline in performance to affect rental income” and “brand replacement difficulty”.

The extremes of extremes will not be able to make up, and it is unsustainable.

In the process, in order to avoid the project loss, the strategy of compressing team income and reducing marketing costs will be adopted, and it will further weaken the competitiveness of the project itself and speed up the departure of consumers and tenants.

03 Paradoxes for the team

The ultimate risk and shadow of the future of the project are the retention paradox of the management team.

In addition to the support of the funding side, the achievements of these Internet celebrity projects are undoubtedly the business operation team behind.However, due to the shortcomings of the income model, the income of the operating management team cannot be alone without profitability as a whole.

It is necessary to maintain a talent team with excellent creativity, sensitive content, and strong execution ability, but also urge them to ignore the various temptations after the project becomes famous, and continue to output high frequency during the long operating period, but in the end they can not give enough generosity enoughIncome.This is a challenge that all non -standard commercial projects must face.

Obviously, it is impossible to expect the team to always generate electricity.Therefore, the development of the outside world has become almost the only solution.Once there are other projects with higher cooperation conditions, they come here,

The energy of the operator may be transferred with the emergence of new projects.

For example, some merchants complained that Regular’s principals have not stayed in Chengdu today. The core teams have moved to Anya by the seaside to hatch the second project there.

Anya Regular Yuanye

The operator URF Yingzhan behind TX Huaihai also threw the sample experience into U479, X88, Shanghai Studios and other projects located in the core of Shanghai after the project was successful.

Shanghai U479

TH, which is also marked with the “fashion trend gathering place” in Beijing

E box is out of.

Beijing The BOX is out of

From a human perspective, this approach is understandable.


The reason why non -standard business is difficult to copy is because its successful password lies in the process and system, but the “soul injection” of one or two key characters.

Once the core team will invest in new projects in order to seek reputation, the core competitiveness of the project will gradually lose.

The impact of the market and the new research of consumers, the fate of the aquarium is difficult to escape.


Over the years, “Internet celebrities” seem to have become the Bible in the commercial real estate community.

It is undeniable that at the moment when the information age and consumers pay more attention to emotional value, these Internet celebrity projects caters to the preferences of the current customers, and the industry’s anxiety that the traditional development model encounters bottlenecks during the real estate downside has become a hot topic in the industry.

From Shanghai TX Huaihai, to Chengdu REGULAR Yuanye, whether it is the project itself or the operating team, it breaks its routine and succeed in traffic.

However, behind the development of “wearing a halo”, it is difficult for the brand portfolio to continue and lack the lack of traffic monetization mechanisms and other hidden dangers.Under the value of value, all kinds of so -called non -standard disputes entered the market, which exacerbated problems such as serious homogeneous competition and uneven quality, which all hindered the long -term stable development of the Internet celebrity economy.

The struggle of the first generation of Internet celebrity business is worth thinking and judgment by all practitioners.

First of all, the Internet celebrity effect is not the only solution and core judgment standard for commercial breakthroughs.

Especially for projects that are advantageous in terms of location transportation and format integrity, there is no need to blindly chase and copy the characteristics of other non -standard projects, and even deliberately do not take the ordinary way to pay for the “eye economy”.

The marketing marketing as an increment, not the main trunk, to refine the reference point that is highly fitted with the project itself is a positive solution.After all, for the physical business that cannot get rid of the attributes that cannot get rid of the attributes, the possibility of “not breaking or not” is far less than that of “standing first and then break”.

Secondly, whether it is famous or profitable, the sustainable operating model can go further.

Chasing the circle and Internet celebrities will only make the project gradually lose into the vortex of flowing, and when the trend fades,

The importance of economic accounts will definitely be seen by everyone.

Therefore, in the market’s wind direction, the update is replaced,

The Internet celebrity economy must change innovation and return rationality in order to become a truly sustainable economic model.

If you want to go further, rethink the development of talents, salary incentives, and cooperation models with the owner, and bring projects and teams to a longer tomorrow.