In 2024, Fengtai Consumption Season started to promote the in -depth integration of "business travel body" to grow and strengthen new consumption

Color Run Return to Garden Expo Garden, Beida 2nd 7th National Ice and Snow Sports Training Research Base is fully opened, and the five major busines

  Color Run Return to Garden Expo Garden, Beida 2nd 7th National Ice and Snow Sports Training Research Base is fully opened, and the five major business districts “have a fan” … Recently, the 2024 Fengtai Consumption Season launched in Beijing Lesutian Street. This time, this timeThe theme of the event is “Yuehui Fengtai Feeling Feng Fan”. In 2024, Fengtai District will “promote consumption, live market, popularize, and promote growth” in the joint zone.”Deep integration scene experience consumption new space.

  4 departments issued initiatives

  Today, residents’ consumption has transformed from pure shopping consumption to scene experience consumption.Innovate consumer scenes and discover a number of new consumption space.

  Fengtai District will cultivate the neighborhood economy, terrace economy, waterfront economy and shallow mountain economy, launch a number of high -quality City Walk lines to carry out business activities such as casual sightseeing, simplified meals, and exhibitions of terraces.Activities to develop a group of self -driving, riding, and hiking light mountain routes.It will also develop the competition economy, performance economy, night economy, virtual economy, strengthen the linkage of physical, travel, business, and literature, create real -time experience theater, stadium, gym, well -known scenic spots and other high simulation scenes to tap the virtual consumption potential of home home.

  A variety of fusion consumption scenarios will be unveiled

  The total construction area of the Northern Two 7th Base exceeds 70,000 square meters. The speed skating hall recombinates the ball comprehensive venue.The report hall, tennis hall venue, and swimming pools, indoor ski houses, etc.

  ”During the consumer season of Fengtai District, we plan to launch a series of attractive highlights, including basketball, badminton, volleyball, and Bei Sports Training-Youth One-stop Sports Solutions, Adult Sports Occupation Training, etc.Yuanhua, high -quality consumer experience. “Zhang Yong, director of the Science and Training Division of Beida 2nd 7th Base, introduced that the base will create a new era of national fitness and sports science centers, maximize the use of venues, and realize that the Beijing Winter Olympics heritage can be available.Continue.

  ”In 2024, we will continue to give full play to the advantages of the platform, integrate location resources, and provide new choices for the lives of surrounding residents. It also makes Beijing Garden Expo, Wanping City, Changxin Store, Liangshui River, and Fangzhuang Art Center a beautiful landscape of Fengtai.”Hu Zhenxing, deputy general manager of Fengtai Cultural Tourism Group, introduced that in 2024, the sports activities such as color running and the Mai Run will return to Beijing Garden Expo Garden, Garden Bo Weekend Series, the Second National Champion Art Carnival, the second national cultureZhou and the 8th Chinese Opera Week will also be as promised as the whole, promoting the overall improvement of cultural consumption quality.

  ”Fanfan” stimulates the “strong engine” of consumption

  In 2024, Fengtai District will set up a “1 × 2 × 5 × N” consumer activity framework, that is, a launching ceremony will be held to cultivate the two -dimensional strong gathering point of the business district+street town.”Heart Select Fengtai”, “Quality Fengtai”, “Finding Fengtai” and “Vitality Fengtai” five characteristic consumption sectors, through the integration of the multi -business format of commercial travelers and combining online and offline, carry out a series of consumer -themed activities.