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In NBA history, only a few could genuinely solo defend me, and O’Neal was one of them


There have always been legends in NBA history, and Shaquille O’Neal is certainly one of them. He was the superstar center of his era and has destroyed countless teams’ defenses. Today, we’re going to talk about six inside players who blew O’Neal away, each with a compelling performance.

First up, undoubtedly, is Yao Ming. O’Neal had nothing but praise for Yao, whose prime was filled with elements that threatened O’Neal. While O’Neal was strong, Yao was known for his skill and shooting ability, possessing mid-range shooting and free throw skills, as well as being an excellent rebounder and defender.

Second was Karl Malone, with muscles and strength that allowed him to compete with O’Neal inside. Malone didn’t win a championship, but left a strong legacy.

The third is stone Buddha Duncan, recognized as the history of the first power forward, although the physical and O’Neal gap, but the basic skills and technology to O’Neal made trouble.

The fourth is the big dream Olajuwon, who had led the Rockets to sweep O’Neal’s Magic team, leaving a lesson for the young O’Neal.

In NBA history, only a few could genuinely solo defend me, and O’Neal was one of them

Fifth is Big Ben – Ben Wallace, known as one of the strongest defensive players in NBA history, whose outstanding defense limited O’Neal and helped the Detroit Pistons beat the Lakers.

Finally, there is the ancient beast Chamberlain, who has not played against O’Neal, but O’Neal believes he has the strength to match. All six of these inside players left an unforgettable mark.

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MLS Football Jersey