Guilin was the place where Guangxi was the highest school here

At the beginning of the establishment of Guangxi University in Wuzhou, Ma Junwu’s students asked him a question, that is, the fun

At the beginning of the establishment of Guangxi University in Wuzhou, Ma Junwu’s students asked him a question, that is, the funds of Guangxi University at that time were organized by Guangxi Province. Why not called “Provincial Guangxi University”?

Ma Junwu’s reply is that “my goal is to add the word” national “in front of the four words of Guangxi University.”

This response may be suspicious for many people at the time, and in 1939, more than ten years after school, this goal was indeed realized.”Coronation” is in Yanshan Garden, Guilin.

The former site of Huixue Academy in Yanshan Garden.

After Guangxi University moved into Yanshan Garden, Guilin, Yanshan Garden began to evolve from Lingnan Famous Park to historic and cultural garden.This year, Guangxi University and the Guangxi Normal University who built a school earlier here(Previous of Guangxi Normal University)merge.At the same time, the provincial Li Guilin Senior High School was merged to change to the second affiliated to Guangxi University(Previous, Guilin Middle School)EssenceAt the same time, the university also added a medical school.The following year, Japan launched a comprehensive war of aggression against China. Physicist Ding Xilin led the China Institute of Physics to evacuate south. Geologist Li Siguang led the Central Institute of Geology to evacuate south. Two units arrived in Guilin all the way and successively settled in Yanshan Garden.In 1938, the Guangxi University of Science and Technology in Wuzhou also moved from Wuzhou to Yanshan Garden, Guilin.

As a result, various important institutions of the national, provincial, and municipalities have been stationed in Yanshan Garden. People, scholars, researchers, teachers, and students from all walks of life gathered here. This makes Guilin Yanshan Garden.It became an intellectual base camp.At that time, many well -known people across the country would take the time to the Yanshan Garden after Guilin. Here, to promote the Anti -Japanese War or exchange academic academics. The auditorium naturally became the most useful building for school organizations to conduct exchanges.

Inside Yanshan Garden Hui Academy.

In the winter of 1938, the auditorium ushered in a big man. He wanted to give a speech entitled “Wars Education” here. The number of people listened to the report was full. The auditorium was full. Many people stood outside the auditorium.The students in the audience could hear the blood. On December 19th, the Republic of China “Guangxi Daily” reported that the speech “is extremely detailed for the presence and fortune of the new stage of the Sino -Japanese War.”The analysis is extremely precise. “The person who speaks is Mr. Guo Moruo, who is familiar with everyone.

In 1939, the National Government officially approved the upgrade of Guangxi University to National Guangxi University.What is even more surprising is that this year, students from Guangxi University gathered in the provincial government to petition to ask Ma Junwu to be the president of Guangxi University.Ma Junwu said on the first day of his office: “I always don’t find something to do, but if there is something in the country, I will not resign, especially during this country’s difficulties, everyone should try my best to save the country. I have rest for three years and my spirit has recovered.Come and host the West University. “At this point, the master of Guilin education returned to his hometown and re -helped the highest school in Guangxi on his familiar land., Can be described as “Three Xi Lingmen”.

During this period, Guilin has officially become a famous cultural city of the Anti -Japanese War. Many literati, scholars, experts, and professors have gathered from all over the country to Guilin.As the principal, Ma Junwu will naturally not miss such a good opportunity to attract talents. In less than a year he returned to Guangxi University, anyone who escaped through Guilin or visited him in

Huixue Academy is the iconic building of Guangxi University during the period of running a school in Yulin Mountain Garden.

What academic well -known people are there during the running school in Guilin?Let’s make a simple part: Li Siguang, Li Da, Zhu Kezhen, Deng Chumin, Liu Xianzhou, Chen Wangdao, Chen Zhidao, Chen Huanyong, Xue Muqiao, Shuangyunfeng, Shi Fu Liang, Qianjiaju, Long Bochun, Chen Zhu Tong, Sun Zhongyi, Wang Li, Ma Zhemin,Zhang Yingnan, Chen Yinque, Huang Xianzheng, Sheng Cheng, Shi Ruwei, Lu Heyi, Ji Yuyu, Wen Shengchang and so on.These names may have heard of today’s young people, and some are not available, but only need to move their fingers and enter Baidu Encyclopedia. You will find that the title of these characters is not the founder of this field in my country, or it is The pioneer of that discipline.In addition, a large number of well -known people such as Tian Han, Liu Yazi, Cao Yu, Ba Jin, Zou Tao Fen, Mao Dun, Xia Yan also went to the school to teach or serve as a guest professor or lecture. The academic atmosphere was strong., Became a comprehensive university with the name of the Southwest Union at that time.In the history of Guangxi University, the school was known as the “golden age” from 1936 to 1944.

Remember the past, go to the future

Guangxi University was well -made, but the bad news suddenly came.In the second year of the school’s “national”, Ma Junwu accumulated a disease. He died at Yanshan Garden at the age of 60 due to the invalidation of gastric perforation.

It is still in that hall. The school has held a grand memorial service for the principal Ma Junwu here to mourn the noble officials and the celebrities of the scholars.At that time, Zhou Enlai sent the “generation of masters” on behalf of the Chinese Communist Party.People buried him at the foot of Yanshan according to Ma Junwu’s wishes during his lifetime.After Ma Junwu’s death, Li Siguang proposed that the “Ma Junwu Botanical Garden” and “Junwu Elementary School” were built in Yanshan to commemorate his life’s performance.

The walls of Huixue School are engraved with people and time participating in the restoration after the war.

In 1944, on the eve of Guilin’s defense war, Guilin City evacuated.The National Guangxi University, the Central Institute of Physics and the Central Geological Research Institute were also ordered to evacuate the Yanshan Garden.This historic and historical and cultural garden faces all over -recognition in this war, and a large number of historical buildings collapsed, including witnessing the iconic architectural hall of Guangxi University in this school.(Hu School)Essence

After the victory of the War of Resistance Against Japan, the Guangxi University Institute of Technology moved back to Yulin Yanshan Garden, but the headquarters did not return to Yanshan, but moved to the Nanxi Mountain General Bridge.(Location of the Army Special Combat College)EssenceThe Yanshan Garden, which has been sore, began to repair and rebuild work. Fortunately, many buildings are restored according to the original appearance, including the auditorium.The construction was reborn at the original site of Yanshan Garden in 1947.

The story is not over yet.In 2017, the Junwu Culture and Art Education Center of Guangxi University was opened as a cultural iconic building at the 90th anniversary of Guangxi University. It was also named “Huoxue House” to commemorate the glorious history of Guangxi University, and also symbolized inheritance and development.The project was completed in June 2019 with a construction area of 19,000 square meters. The project was designed by the famous architect He Jingtang’s team to create it.

This new “Huixue Academy” is now located in the West Campus of Guangxi University. It has the overall building structure of 4 floors above the ground underground.composition.It also has multi -functional purposes such as theater performances, academic lectures, art exhibitions, and music appreciation. It is a new cultural landmark with unique style in the school.The construction engineering project was also selected as the first batch of China Construction Engineering Luban Awards in 2020-2021(National high -quality project)Essence

If it is said that the Huixue Academy of Guilin Yanshan Garden is responsible for remembering the glorious past of Guangxi University, then the Huoxue Academy in Guangxi University now represents a beautiful present and hopeful future.

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