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New advantages of digital shaping education development

Education is the plan of the country and the party.Education is prosperous, and education is strong.The 20th National Congress of the

Education is the plan of the country and the party.Education is prosperous, and education is strong.The 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China pointed out that “accelerating the construction of education power” and proposing the overall goal of “building a strong education country” by 2035.The General Secretary of the Supreme Leadership emphasized during the fifth collective study of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee that “building a strong country to build a strong country is a strategic pioneer to comprehensively build a socialist modern power. “Effective ways”, also pointed out that “digitalization of education is an important breakthrough in my country’s new track and new advantage of education development in China.”In the era of digital, digital technologies represented by the Internet of Things, big data, cloud computing and artificial intelligence have become a “smart engine” that promotes the change of education in my country. Educational digitalization will fully empower the construction of educational power.
Educational digitalization is accelerating the formation of generalization learning forms, providing a solid foundation for the construction of education to strengthen the country.
“Promoting the digitalization of education and building a learning society and a major country of learning for life -long learning is an important deployment made by the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China.Educational digitalization is of great significance for building a learning society and a major country.Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, my country’s informatization and digital development have developed rapidly. Now it has built the world’s largest and most complicated digital infrastructure, creating a digital education development environment, deep integration in the field of digital technology and education and teaching. Everyone’s lifelong learning environment that people learn, can learn everywhere, and learn from time to time, continuously improve the education level of the people, promote the comprehensive development of people to create conditions, and provide basic and strategic support for the construction of education power.
At present, the Internet access rate of primary and secondary schools (including teaching points) nationwide reaches 100%, and 99.9%of school export bandwidth reaches more than 100 mega. More than three -quarters of schools achieve wireless network coverage. 99.5%of schools have multimedia classrooms, built upWith the national smart education public service platform, the panthest learning form of the integration of network coverage, online multimedia teaching space and online teaching space have basically formed.Digital technologies represented by big data and artificial intelligence are deeply integrated into the entire process of teaching and learning.Sexual evaluation feedback provides basic guarantees.
The digitalization of education has steadily and rapidly promoting, continuously improves the digital literacy and skills of the whole people, and provides a strong guarantee for the construction of the education of education.
With the development of information technology, especially the emergence of artificial intelligence and improvement of artificial intelligence, people’s “digital survival” is constantly improving, digital development has become an essential literacy for modern people, and even becomes the basic condition for contributing to the construction of a strong the development and maturity of the digital economy, it has become a top priority to improve the digital literacy and skills of the whole society and consolidate the social development of the digital economy in my country.
The digital literacy required by modern society can be obtained through people’s various digital experience.According to the Statistical Report of the Development of China’s Internet Network, as of December 2023, the size of netizens in my country reached 1.092 billion, and the Internet penetration rate was 77.5%.People have continued to deepen the understanding of the rules of the Internet and the characteristics of the virtual world, laying a practical foundation for the continuous improvement of digital literacy.
Adolescents are in a critical period of world view, outlook on life, and values. Improving the digital literacy of young people is an important issue facing school education. We need to use various education digital platforms and education digital projects, projects, etc.The accumulation of digital literacy, and can use digital technology to comprehensively improve its comprehensive literacy.
In recent years, my country has been committed to the digital transformation of educational resources. With the help of the national smart education public service platform, it has established the world’s largest education and teaching resource library. High -quality resources provided a one -stop digital resource supply solution for schools, teachers and students, and consolidated a high -quality “digital base” for the construction of a strong education country.Young students have the opportunity to expand learning space, increasingly convenient online learning experience, becoming an important part of their educational life, and an important way for them to know the world.With the help of teachers, they will continuously improve their digital literacy, identify the relationship between the real world and the virtual world, and use the digital world to facilitate their learning and growth, form their own “digital wisdom”, grow into a new eraSocial pillar.At the same time, with the process of digital construction of education, it includes the integration path of digital literacy cultivation system for digital literacy training, building a comprehensive digital literacy cultivation course system, forming an open digital literacy cultivation ecology, and establishing a diverse digital literacy evaluation system.The gradual formation has effectively promoted the development of students’ digital literacy, and created conditions for their healthy growth and comprehensive development.
Improving teachers ‘digital literacy is the key to improving students’ digital literacy.In the digital era, the digital literacy of the teacher’s team must be comprehensively country ’s many years of education and digital construction practice has continued to create“ digital teachers ”and“ digital students ”teams, providing digital team guarantees for the construction of a strong education country.On November 30, 2022, the Ministry of Education issued the “Teacher Digital Literacy” education industry standard, clarified the teacher’s digital literacy framework, improved the digital standard system of education, and provided the direction for comprehensively improving the teaching ability and digital literacy level of teachers.The construction of high -quality teachers in the new era.
Educational digitalization helps to improve the level of education and governance, and brings major opportunities for the construction of education to strengthen the country.
The modernization of the education governance system and governance capacity must serve the comprehensive improvement of education quality and build a high -quality education system.Education digital construction promotes the sharing of high -quality resources, supports the implementation of personalized teaching in scale, and promotes the development of core literacy, and provides important opportunities for improving the quality of education and accelerating the construction of a strong country.
First, digital technology helps to achieve the requirements of students’ personalized development.With the continuous deepening of emerging digital technologies such as virtual reality, big data, artificial intelligence, and artificial intelligence, the educational concept has also shifted from “large -scale standardized education” to “large -scale personalized learning”, and it has gradually formed a network, digitalization, and digitalization., Personalized and lifelong teaching system.
Second, the digitalization of education is conducive to the flow of high -quality educational resources across time and space and cross -regional flow, and helps to bridge the “digital gap”.Further promote the balance and sharing of educational resources in underdeveloped regions such as remote rural areas, and become an important starting point for promoting the fair development of education. At the same time, help students have an international perspective and improve the global competitiveness of local talents.
Third, the digitalization of education helps to use data -driven to achieve educational scientific decision -making.Digital education has generated huge large -scale education data. Government and educational institutions can use data to better understand the operation of the education system, timely adjust policies and resource allocation to ensure that each student can get equal education opportunities.
Fourth, digitalization will change the model of education.With the development of digital space, digitalization will integrate physical space, social space, and digital space, build a learner -centered education and teaching scene, cultivate cross -class, cross -grade, interdisciplinary, cross -time and space learning community, forming dataDrive a new paradigm at the core of large -scale teaching as the core.
Fifth, digitalization effectively promotes educational research and innovation.The normal application and deep integration of digital technology in the field of education has formed application models such as digital teaching, intelligent evaluation, and precise governance.Employment has played an important role, provides rich materials and a lot of data for education research, and provides practical basis for education management and researchers to understand the education phenomena, summarize the laws of education, innovative education models and methods.
At present, my country’s education digital construction system and mechanism has been tested in practice. The “Chinese experience” and “Chinese wisdom” of digital construction of educational digitalization have gradually formed. The support of the scientific institutional mechanism.
(Author: Ding Lijun unit is Northwestern Normal University)
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