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"Looking for the disappearance of water resources" After the 5th PDC Water Project of Xiaohe Education Group launched Shanxi News

China News Network Shanxi News, March 25th. On the occasion of the 32nd “World Water Day” and the 37th “China Water Week”, Hou Xiaoh

  China News Network Shanxi News, March 25th. On the occasion of the 32nd “World Water Day” and the 37th “China Water Week”, Hou Xiaohe Elementary School Education Group launched the fifth PDC water project.The theme of the project research is “Qingying Xiaoshi, you and I look for disappearing water resources”, leading children from classroom to life by project -driven learning, from school to society, and water -saving water and water with actual actions.

  The launching ceremony kicked off in the interesting short video “A Journey to a Small Drop”.The fifth grade students brought a wonderful water -saving and water -protection poem recitation, allowing the students to understand the preciousness of water resources more deeply.Let’s act together, start from small things, save water, protect water resources, and contribute to the sustainable development of the earth.

  The PDC project team members reported the results of the fourth water project research results to teachers and students.Through the water conservancy scientific survey questionnaire, special lectures, field research and other activities, the project has deeply understood the status of water resources.The team members found that Taiyuan’s water condition was worrying, and determined to protect water.They participated in the water -saving water care creative competition and water -saving small tricks, and designed sewage treatment devices to achieve sewage recycling.In this process, the team members improved their research ability and cooperation awareness, and achieved team growth.

  President Meng Li encouraged small members to take part in “doing middle schools and creating middle schools” and truly participate, practice, experience, and feel.In the process of self -display and independent creation, problems can be found, problems, and problems can be solved.

  The project instructor Du Wenyan introduced the research content of this PDC water project to everyone. This time, it will actively carry out the theme of “disappearing water resources” to actively carry out “the mystery of the disappearance of water resources” and “Exploring the Wonderful Tour of Water Resources” “Looking for a journey of water -saving and water care methods “” Imagine the Tour of Water Resources “and other studies, and promote the concept of water saving and research results from the school, social publicity and promotion.

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