Adidas holds the "Supernova Super Star Motion Comfortable Camp" event to make more people fall in love with sports

Recently, Adidas held the “Supernova Super Star Movies Comfortable Camp” activity at the Adidasrunbase Runner Base in Xuhui

Recently, Adidas held the “Supernova Super Star Movies Comfortable Camp” activity at the Adidasrunbase Runner Base in Xuhui Binjiang to create a comfortable experience of different sensory levels for runners and media partners for runners and media partners.Everyone wore Supernova Rise running shoes. By perceiving the body, easily jogging, aromatherapy, exercise stretching, healthy hot drinks and other links, fully feel the relaxation and joy of the body and mind.

In “Supernova Super Star Movies and Comfort Camp”, Adidaster invited the participants on the scene to try on its latest Supernova Super Star Running Shoes, and encouraged everyone to leave precious feedback.Adidas knows that only by understanding the needs of runners can they provide them with the best support.Therefore, the Adidas team carefully listened to the opinions and suggestions of each participant, and continuously improved product performance through testing, improvement, re -testing, and improvement methods to meet the needs of runners.

As a world -renowned sports brand, Adidas is guided by runners’ diversified personality needs, creating a rich product matrix for different running enthusiasts.In response to daily joggles, Adidas released a new “Supernova Super Star” series in 2024, focusing on bringing a more comfortable running experience to the runner, making runners enjoy the fun of running easier.

This time, the “Supernova Super Star” series of running shoes new products include Supernova Rise and Supernova Eterno.Among them, Supernova Rise running shoes use “DreamStrike+” midsole technology. Its supercritical foaming process foam layer combines daily runners’ needs, and the density of foam is balancing soft elasticity and support.feel.In addition, the “Bionic supporting prostitute” technology adopted in the shoe outsole is based on ergonomic design to strive to accurately support different parts of the foot sole, making the running process more comfortable and stable.

Another pair of Supernova Eterno running shoes of the “Supernova Super Star” series is specially customized for Chinese runners. It is equipped with the “DreamStrike LT” light -rebound midsole technology.The line, as well as the “& infin; glyph structure” with a stable grasp and the light engineering network cloth that strives to accurately fit the air -breathable needs of the feet. On the basis of making each step steadily and calm for the runner, it brings more more and more calm and calm.Comfortable and light feet.

Whether it is the comfort of the midsole soft bullets or the sense of stable support, it shows Adidas’s ultimate pursuit of product details.This makes the “Supernova Super Star” series of shoes stand out from the similar products of Adidas, aiming to become a best choice for jogging.

Due to excellent performance, the global well -known media “WOMEN & RSQUO; S Health Female Health” awarded Supernova Rise Foot Shoes Awards, recognizing the product’s stable fit.At the same time, the runner’s information website also rated Supernova Rise as “Daily Trainer Award 2024” because of its excellent cushioning performance.

More and more people release the pressure in life through public movements such as running.According to Adidas Global Segmentation Study, the number of Chinese runners has exceeded 500 million.Among them, over 87%of runners are daily joggles.Different from the race runner who pursues personal PB (personal best results), daily joggles do not pile up the amount of running, and have no obsession with the pace, and enjoy the comfort, happiness and pressure release of running.

For this runner group, those racing running shoes that help the elite movement to help elite movements are not suitable for them. They lack a daily comfort like Supernova like “Go out and run” like Supernova.running shoes.