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To help the revitalization of rural culture with farming and education

Original title: help the revitalization of rural culture with farming and educationWith the advancement and development of society, the revitalizat

Original title: help the revitalization of rural culture with farming and education
With the advancement and development of society, the revitalization of rural culture has become one of the urgent problems that need to be resolved in the current field of education. Rural reading education is a continuation and inheritance of traditional farming culture and has a important role in helping the revitalization of rural culture.
Connotation of cultivation education
Rural reading education is an educational model that integrates traditional farming culture and modern education concepts.It emphasizes the common participation of schools, families and communities to achieve the goal of rural culture rejuvenation. It aims to cultivate students’ sense of recognition and pride in traditional culture. By allowing students to participate in the learning of farming activities and traditional culture, students can understand the farming cultureValue and meaning.
Rural reading education focuses on the inheritance of traditional culture.Rural culture is an important part of the Chinese nation, carrying rich historical and cultural connotations.By integrating traditional culture into the learning process of students, students can better understand and understand their cultural roots and help enhance their cultural self -confidence.
Rural reading education focuses on cultivating students’ critical thinking and innovative ability.In traditional farming activities, students need to solve problems by observing, thinking and practice.This way of learning can help cultivate students’ dialectical thinking and ability to improve.
Renovation education focuses on cultivating students’ emotional quality and social responsibility.By participating in farming activities and community services, students can experience the importance of labor happiness and responsibility, which helps to cultivate students’ emotional quality and enable them to pay attention to the needs of others and the development of society.At the same time, farming and reading education also emphasize students’ sense of social responsibility, encourage them to take the initiative to participate in community affairs and contribute to the revitalization of rural culture.
By inheriting traditional culture, cultivating students ‘critical thinking and innovative ability, and cultivating students’ emotional quality and social responsibility, cultivating education can help rural culture revitalization.In the process of implementing farming and reading education, schools, families, and communities should participate together to form a good education synergy and contribute to the prosperity and development of rural culture.
The relationship between farming and reading education and the revitalization of rural culture
Renovation education can inherit rural culture and stimulate the potential of rural talents.In farming and education, students are not only learning knowledge, but also to understand the connotation and value of rural culture through practice.This educational model can help students understand the traditions and characteristics of rural culture in depth, cultivate their love and identification of rural culture, and inherit and carry forward rural culture.
Rural reading education can promote the development of rural culture.The revitalization of rural culture requires continuous innovation and change, and farming education provides a good platform.In farming and education, students can carry out various cultural activities and planning rural cultural festivals through practice and creation, combine rural culture with modern society to promote the inheritance and innovation of rural culture.
Rural reading education can promote the spread and promotion of rural culture.The revitalization of rural culture requires more people to understand and recognize, and farming and reading education provides a good opportunity.Through farming and education, students can in -depth understanding of the characteristics and charm of rural culture, and become the communicators and promoters of rural culture.
There is a close relationship between cultivation education and rural culture.Through inheritance, innovation, and promotion of rural culture, the education and education have provided strong support for the revitalization of rural culture.Therefore, the attention and support of farming and reading education should be increased, the revitalization of rural culture should be further promoted, and the educational goals of the home schools and the social integration are achieved.
Education model for helping rural culture revitalization
As an emerging education model, farming and reading education play a positive role in promoting rural culture.
The cultivation education has formed a comprehensive and multi -level educational model by organizing schools, families, and communities organically, which is not limited to school education and emphasizes effective interaction with the community and families.
Renovation education focuses on cultivating students’ practical ability and innovative spirit, and injects new vitality into the revitalization of rural culture.Rural reading education not only pays attention to the study of theoretical knowledge, but also emphasizes the cultivation of practical ability, and encourages students to participate in practical activities such as farmland cultivation and cultural heritage. Through practical exercise, students can cultivate students’ hands -on ability and practical experience, so that they can better cope with rural cultureActual problem of revitalization.
The education and reading education emphasize the comprehensive development of students and the cultivation of personalities, and provides new ideas and ways for rural culture to revitalize.Rural reading education not only pays attention to students ‘academic achievements, but also focuses on cultivating students’ good morals and comprehensive quality.In farming and education, students can not only learn knowledge, but also cultivate a series of excellent qualities such as independent thinking, innovative consciousness, and social responsibility. These are the qualities needed for rural cultural revitalization.Through the implementation of farming and education, it can provide more talent support for rural culture and promote the prosperity and development of rural culture.
Proposal for farming and education to help rural culture revitalize
By promoting the integration and inheritance of cultivation culture, we can further strengthen the construction of traditional rural family education.In the context of farming reading education, we emphasize the cultivation of “pride” and “reading ‘ -based” family virtues and excellent family style, and gradually use “farming” as a means to exercise the will and improve the ability to improve, and “read the read”” It is used to cultivate and nourish the soul.This is the inheritance and development of traditional cultivation culture in the context of the new era.
Strengthen family education and cultivate awareness of traditional culture inheritance.In family education, we should pay attention to the education and inheritance of traditional culture.Parents should cultivate their children’s love and recognition of rural culture from an early age. They can let children understand and experience the charm of rural culture through family reading clubs and traditional festivals celebrations.At the same time, parents should also become a role model for children, actively participate in rural cultural activities, and guide children to establish correct values and behavioral models.
Strengthen school education and improve the quality of rural culture and education.Schools are important places to cultivate children’s comprehensive quality, and they should increase the efforts of rural cultural education.On the one hand, it is possible to let students understand and learn rural cultural knowledge by opening local curriculum and cultural and artistic activities.On the other hand, schools can cooperate with local cultural institutions to organize students to visit and inspect rural cultural heritage, enhance their awareness and understanding of rural culture, and inject new vitality and hope into the revitalization of rural culture.Schools can incorporate farming education in the course settings and open related farming knowledge and skills courses.Through systematic learning, let students understand the connotation of farming culture in depth, and cultivate their interest and love for farming culture.Organize farming and reading practical activities to allow students to intuitively feel the value and significance of farming and reading culture.
Strengthen community participation and establish a platform for rural cultural sharing.Through the establishment of a cultural volunteer team, carrying out cultural exhibitions and performances, more community residents participated in rural cultural activities.At the same time, the establishment of a rural cultural resource sharing platform to facilitate community residents to obtain and spread rural cultural information.Through the power of the community, the rural culture will become the common spiritual wealth of community residents, and to better promote the revitalization of rural culture.
Social organizations and institutions can actively organize farming and study education activities to provide opportunities for learning knowledge and skills for residents in rural areas.Through these activities, people can re -understand and experience the charm of traditional cultivation culture, and enhance their sense of identity and pride in rural culture.The government should also introduce relevant policies to support and encourage the development of farming and education in rural areas, and promote the popularization and in -depth development of farming and reading education in rural areas.
(Wang Meijin, the author unit is the School of Preschool Education of Qiongtai Teachers College)
Source: Hainan Daily
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