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Cultivate more than 500 "educators" in the new era, and Guangdong launches the provincial -level training project of "Ten million Talent Training Project" in primary and secondary schools

On May 6, the provincial training project (2024-2026) of the “Million Talent Training Project” in Guangdong Province w

On May 6, the provincial training project (2024-2026) of the “Million Talent Training Project” in Guangdong Province was launched.The implementation office, training institutions, and 518 trainees of the “Million Talent Training Project” project from Guangdong Province, Guangdong Primary and Middle Schools, and 518 trainees have witnessed this moment.The provincial training project (2024-2026), the “Million Talent Training Project” in Guangdong Province (2024-2026), covers 19 sub -projects. They will receive three years of training.)long.
It is understood that after the material review and defense, 518 teachers stood out from more than 740 teachers selected by localities and became the target of the new provincial project training.According to statistics, among the 975 students trained in the first three phases, 252 and 251 were rated as senior teachers and special teachers, and 342 people became the host of the provincial teacher studio.”I want to work hard to grow into the flag bearer, the masters of the subject educating people, the experts of education and training, and the promoter of educational assistance, and go to an excellent team and optimize an educational ecosystem.”Pan Shaowei, a teacher of the Teacher Development Center.
In the training process, the training unit will organize and train students to conduct no less than 8 weeks of centralized lectures, lectures, training, exchanges, and patrol demonstrations.Study study, arrange no less than one week to conduct demonstration activities for patrol tutorials in northern Guangdong, east of Guangdong.During the training period, it can be arranged for 2-4 weeks to visit high-level education institutions outside the country (border).The training unit shall form a guidance group to carry out personalized guidance to train trainees and form a personalized training plan.It is reported that by 2035, the Guangdong provincial training project training has trained thousands of noble morals, advanced educational concepts, solid theoretical knowledge, strong education and teaching ability, and high management level.Educator -type teachers with popularity and popularity.
The provincial -level training projects in this issue were undertaken the training tasks by Tsinghua University, Zhuhai Campus of Beijing Normal University, South China Normal University, Guangdong Technology Normal University, and Guangdong Second Normal University.For example, a total of 374 students were trained in the first three phases of South China Normal University, and this issue of 7 sub -project training tasks.”We will make every effort to mobilize school resources, provide students with a high -quality training environment, and cultivate high -level teacher talents for Guangdong’s basic education.” Said Yang Chengwei, vice president of South China Normal University.
In this project, there are three sub -projects of the new vocational teachers, the principal of the second vocational secretary, the principal of the secondary vocational secretary, and the master of the secondary vocational class. There are 33 students.Deng Wenxin, Vice President of Guangdong Technical Normal University, said that he will set up a high -level mentor team to improve the management system of the mentor team and play the professional guidance role of the guidance team.At the same time, we must strengthen digital empowerment, build a digital model for teachers training and training, and promote digital transformation.
Director Wang Hong said that when he summarized the results of the previous training of trainees, he said that after careful training, the quality of the teachers has been significantly improved, the ability to educate and scientific research has been significantly enhanced, and the quality of basic education has been effectively guaranteed.She said that the project office will be committed to creating a higher -quality learning and growth environment for the new group of students, and provide a more complete project support service system.
Zhu Jianhua, a member of the Education Working Committee of the Guangdong Provincial Party Committee, a member of the Provincial Department of Education, and deputy director, said that the cultivation of the “educator” of the new era is not only the call of the times, but also the mission and responsibility of each educator.”Real educators must have a strong sense of social responsibility and historical mission. Through practical responsibilities, the reputation and influence of the” Million Talent Training Project “continue to increase.”
Zhang Xiaohui, a professor at Zhuhai Campus of Beijing Normal University, Pan Hong, president of the Children’s Court of the CPC Guangdong Provincial Party Committee, Chen Yuying, Deputy Director of Foshan Education Bureau, Xie Zongqi, Director of Jiangmen Education Bureau, Long Guohua, President of Guangdong Guangya Middle School, TeacherYang Yuqiu and others also spoke.
Text | Reporter Sun Wei intern Qiu Chenxi
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