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The inspection process does not standardize the nine food manufacturers in Jiangbei District or order to rectify

Inspection and records are lacking or crudely built. The inspectors are equipped with incomplete or no inspection personnel.The rest of th

Inspection and records are lacking or crudely built. The inspectors are equipped with incomplete or no inspection personnel.The rest of the food production enterprises carried out special rectification work in factory inspection, and nine companies were ordered to rectify because they did not meet the specifications.
According to reports, the special key inspection of the inspection venue of the food production enterprise meets the inspection requirements; the inspection equipment category and quantity meet the factory inspection requirements of the obtaining unit; whether the reagent and consumables meet the experimental requirements of the factory inspection and use it.Whether the experimental personnel can be proficient in testing knowledge and carry out the inspection of food exports; the inspection system of the factory is matched with the records with the production status.
At the same time, the supervision of small food production and processing workshops has also been strengthened. It is required to provide inspection reports to the small workshops that sell foods in shopping malls, canteens, and catering companies.The inspection agency conducts full project inspection.The sampling inspection of the small workshop was included in the daily supervision and inspection work, creating a fair competition environment for the certified enterprises and small workshops.
▲ Law enforcement officers are checked.Interviewed units confession
It is understood that the Jiangbei District Market Supervision Bureau and the Municipal Food and Drug Inspection Institute conducted full coverage inspections of more than 50 food manufacturers in their jurisdictions.Professional scores are conducted for food production enterprises’ factory inspection links.Four results are set according to the inspection situation, and the treatment plan is formulated in turn, which is ordered to rectify 9.Through this special inspection, the hidden dangers of the risk of food production enterprises were comprehensively investigated, and various problems existing in the inspection of the enterprise in the food export of food were effectively investigated.
According to the relevant person in charge of the Market Supervision Bureau of Jiangbei District, the inspection of food factory inspection is an important measure to ensure food safety. It will further standardize the inspection work of food production enterprises, resolutely hold the product into the last line of defense of the market, and effectively protect the food safety of the people.
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