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"Belt and Road" food that must not be missed (South Asia)

Do not miss the food that must be missed on “Belt and Road” (South Asia)South Asia is located in the middle

Do not miss the food that must be missed on “Belt and Road” (South Asia)

South Asia is located in the middle and south of the Himalayas and south of the western section, the Bay of Bangladesh in the east, and the Arabian Sea in the west.There are 8 “Belt and Road” South Asian countries: India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Afghanistan, Nepal, Maldives, Bhutan.South Asia mainly focuses on the climate of tropical monsoon and tropical rain forests. The hot climate conditions have made South Asia developing a method of cooking with a lot of fragrance materials. Curry, which is popular in various countries, is a typical representative of this diet.

India is one of the four ancient civilizations in the world and one of the fastest -growing countries in the world today. It is the largest country in South Asia’s mainland and the second largest country in the world.There are more than a dozen ethnic groups in India, and they believe in Hinduism, Islam, Christianity, Sikhism, Buddhism, etc. Religions have a profound impact on their various national food culture.Such as half of India’s vegetarian population, Hindus does not eat beef, Muslims do not eat pork, smoke and alcohol are not popular, and no one dares to ask for help.India’s eating habits are also affected by foreign culture, and have dished different colors for Indian civilization.

Indian curry spice

Some people summarize Indian cuisine as a combination of “simple ingredients+main seasonings+cooking methods”.Indeed, the selection of ingredients of Indians is relatively single, mainly based on chicken, lamb, seafood, onions, tomatoes and other vegetables, but the use of seasoning is “the most in the world”.For example, curry powder made of pepper, clove, ginger powder, pepper and other seasonings is the standard for Indians when cooking. Therefore, Indian food culture is also called curry culture.

Indian barbecue

Affected by the differences between the North and South Climate, the curry used in the southern dishes of India is more spicy than the North Causan.In terms of color, fragrance, and taste, Indian dishes obviously favors the “fragrance”.Because most of the dishes with Indian characteristics are a variety of main dishes with a large curry powder, trying to match the habit of eating bakery with Indians.Although this combination is too spicy for some people, people who love this taste abound in India.


Indian cuisine is more famous in India, Tan Duoli, assorted curry fresh vegetables, curry mutton, Massara curry chicken, Tali, spinach cheese, etc.Indian sweets and fried snacks are very popular with locals. Indian ice cream, fried noodles, cocoa factions, various English pudding, etc. must not be missed.

Indian milk tea

Indian yogurt is a good product in its cold drinks. Whether it is a major restaurant or a street shop, it is not enjoyable to eat a cup of cool yogurt under hot weather.Because it is added with a spice called “Mashara”, Indian milk tea and Indian tea are also famous.In short, Indian cuisine is like her culture, rich, mysterious, and lasting vitality.


The Pakistani people like to eat spicy food. They are famous in the world with curry foods made by pepper and turmeric.They do not have the habit of cooking, whether they are beef, lamb, fish, or various beans or vegetables, they are stewed.


The Pakistani food is flour and rice. A rough noodle cake called “Chabati” is the most popular, as well as oil cakes and fried potato stuffing “triangles”.People also eat western -style dim sum and bread.Rice often adds various condiments to make butter, grab rice and meat.Another kind of sweet rice dyed is a must -have food for wedding banquets.They do n’t need to eat, fork and chopsticks, but hold their right hands after cleaning (the left hand is considered unclean).Their grabbing technology is very skilled, and they are not afraid of hotness.Regardless of in cities or villages, a shallow plate is used for savory rice, which is probably because it is suitable for the cake.

Curry lamb chop

Pakistanians like to drink milk tea. Whether in institutions, schools, factories, or streets, teahouses and tea stalls abound. People are thirsty, hungry, tired, and lacking. They have to go to tea to drink a cup of milk tea.Drink milk tea early, drink milk tea at a simple lunch, and drink milk tea at three or four in the afternoon.In addition to the two types of sweet and salty, there are also crushed Xingxin Guogu and Kashmir milk tea made of Badami fruit kernels, which are generally pale pink.Drinking milk tea is the Hobbies of Pakistan for generations. Milk tea is an indispensable drink for them every day.Therefore, Pakistan can be said to be “milk tea kingdom”.


Bangladesh’s national food vegetarian has the reputation of “tiger food”, and it can definitely be happy here.There are not only food made of birds, beef and mutton as ingredients.

seafood feast

As the world’s largest Delta region, the seafood foods in Bangladesh are rich in, fresh and beautiful, and they are quite advantageous.

Bengal dessert

Bangladesh has a long history of sugarcane planting and sugar -making history.Therefore, sugar and sweetness are an important part of Bangladesh food.Bangladesh’s dessert is mainly made of milk and supplemented by sucrose and honey.

Curry roll

The curry rolls in Bangladesh are not the same as the curry flavors in many regions, but the taste of curry is not spicy in India. It is one of the foods that must not be missed when traveling to Bangladesh.

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is known as the “Pearl in the Indian Ocean” and is rich in gemstones and Ceylon black tea. It is the country with the highest human development index in South Asia.In Sri Lanka, more than 70%of the population believes in Buddhism, and its dietary habits are affected by ancient Indian law medicine. Each meal has the principle of sour, sweet, bitter, spicy, salty, and astringent.EssenceThe unique Ceylon cinnamon, rich aromatic curry leaves, lemon leaves, and citron leaves are a must -have for cooking various foods. These spices and fragrant leaves make Sri Lanka’s universal curry style in South Asia.

Ceylon black tea

Ceylon black tea is the best in the world’s black tea market. It is called “gifts dedicated to the world”. It is also known as the world’s four famous tea with Qimen black tea in China, the Assam black tea in India and the Dajiring black tea.It is rich in the central highlands of Sri Lanka and the southern low area.It is characterized by low sodium content and is a good health drink.


If the same representative snacks in Sri Lanka are selected, it is estimated that many people will first think of this food like a bowl -Hopper, which is also a special food that must be made at the Sri Lanka chef at each International Food Festival.The production seems very simple. Pour the rice paste in a bowl -shaped metal pot and bake it. You can add an egg in the middle. When you eat, you can add anything you want.You can, or nothing, enjoy the original mellow.


The staple foods of Afghanians are big cakes and grabbing. Big cakes are grinded with wheat, barley, corn and dried mulberry and peas.There are two types of cakes: stuffing and without stuffing.But no matter what kind of, the grilled cake aroma is fragrant, and it is unique to tearing to eat grilled lamb to eat.

Afghan big cake

Grab the rice to pour the oil into the pot, add carrot shreds and onions and stir -fry, add water, sheep oil, salt, boil and add the water, load the plate after cooked, mix lemon juice, pepper or other seasonings.


For drinks, Afghanians often drink a yogurt soup boiled in the water, salt, and cucumber slices in the water. They like sour, spicy and fragrant mouth, but based on religious reasons, they do not drink alcohol.Milk and beef and mutton are important foods on the table. Of course, they also eat chicken, ducks, etc., but they do not eat pork and rarely eat fish.They often use grilled lamb legs with grilled lamb, and they are also grilled lambs when they are festive days or entertaining guests.


Nepal borders India, Nepal on the tip of the tongue, you can taste the taste of many India here.


Dalbhat is very similar to Indian meals in Nepal. The plate is equipped with vegetable soup, curry vegetables, curry chicken, cakes, rice, rice, rice, etc., grab a cluster of rice with hand, accompanied by curry and soup, Nepalese people are delicious.

Curry puff

The Nepalese diet is full of large amounts of fried foods, and the streets are all their figures.The curry horn is the most representative. The bread has fillings, mostly made of potatoes and onions. It is said that there are bean paste stuffing.

Handmade yogurt

Nepal’s handmade yogurt must be tasted.It does not contain melamine and does not contain thick agents. It is installed in a small ceramic bowl. The mouth is strong and the mouth is sticky.


Due to religious habits, Mrs. Maldives does not eat pork, and the need for beef needs to enter the mouth from abroad, which is expensive.The meat they often eat are poultry and mutton, and they often eat eggs, and fish are the most foods.They like to eat meat, fish, vegetables and rice with irritating aromatic flavor, as well as starch foods such as sweet potatoes and taro.Tropical fruits and vegetables, bread fruits, coconut, pineapple, etc.There are fried fish, curry fish and fish soup with you anywhere. The meal is accompanied by fish.

Fried fish ball

The Maldives has a famous dish named fried fish balls. During the 1979 chrysanthemum meeting, the dish was noisy overseas, and the fragrance was fragrant in Southeast Asia.Fresh local golden gun plus special formula stirring is made into the oil into the oil. The traditional fried fish ball of the Maldives also uses chrysanthemum as a side dish pattern. This famous dish is very popular at the Maldives chrysanthemum festival.


Furdia is a real Maldives cuisine with a long history. It often appears at the banquet of Madame Maldives entertaining guests and festivals.Coconut meat and green lemon juice, etc. In addition, there are pine fish slices.Generally, these foods are entered into large plates and arranged on the table to enjoy in the form of buffets.

Maldives lady

Maldives ladies are a strong and mellow cocktail. There are different formulas in each of the bars in each tourist island to prepare this cocktail.When you visit the Maldives, don’t miss this kind of alcohol.

Dufa Yiyi Thai

Dufa Wing Thai is a kind of chewy snack in the Maldives Islands.This kind of snacks include betel nuts, betel nut leaves, cloves and acid fruits, and tobacco leaves.This kind of snack is the islander’s snacks every day after meals.In the tea shops on the streets, you can also taste hot tea and delicious cake snacks.


The diet of the Bhutan people is basically the same as that of the Tibetan in my country. It is mainly fried noodles in wheat and green crickets. It eats more beef and mutton, also eats pork, cheese, and loves to drink butter tea and green wine. Residents in some places often use grains and fruits to make rice wine or wine.The Bhutan people in the central region like to eat betel nut. They are often equipped with betel nuts or betel nut leaves in their bags. Counseling betel nut is one of the guest etiquette of Bhutan in the central region.Bhutan people also like peppers, and each household stores red pepper and pepper products.

Cooking chili

Cheese boiled peppers is one of the most representative Chinese cuisines in Bhutan.The local specialty cheese and the peppers here are spicy and delicious.You can taste the pure milk flavor and the spicy flavor of pepper at the same time.

Butter Milk Tea

In Bhutan, you can also feel the gourmet food of Tibetan in my country -butter tea.Very special taste, sweet salty oil, a bit like a sesame paste, you can use two words to describe this taste -richness.

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