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The Eighth Primary School of Jinfeng District, Yinchuan City holds the "Labor to Qi Zhi to Dynamics" Spring Athletics Games

On April 18th, the eighth elementary school playground of Jinfeng District, Yinchuan City was enthusiastic and the flag flutter

On April 18th, the eighth elementary school playground of Jinfeng District, Yinchuan City was enthusiastic and the flag fluttered.Teachers and students from various classes gathered together to witness the opening ceremony of the school in the Spring Athletics and Field Games of 2024.On this day, every participant on the sports field is full of expectations and passion, ready to show their strength and style in the next game.
Principal Liu Yun introduced in his speech that the theme of the 8th Primary School of Jinfeng District is “Labor to Enlighten Intelligence” as the theme, encouraging students to cultivate autonomy and sense of responsibility through labor practice, and improve team collaboration in the process of sports competition.Ability, develop positive exercise habits.
At the opening ceremony, the teams of all grades entered the venue spirit. They dressed in uniform team uniforms, taking a healthy steps, showing the youthful side.Subsequently, the host announced the official start of the opening ceremony and introduced the theme and significance of the conference.He emphasized: “Labor to enlighten intelligence to move to fitness” is not only a review of students’ sports competition level, but also a practical display of labor education and physical and mental health concepts.
In order to highlight the theme, some creative and profound links were arranged at the opening ceremony.For example, students performed a dance that imply labor and virtue, and showed the hard work of workers and harvesting happiness through beautiful dancing postures and rhythms.In addition, students performed wonderful programs such as martial arts and hip -hop, showing the versatile side of students.
In the solemn national anthem, the five -star red flag rose slowly, symbolizing the official launch of the Games.Then, the athlete representative swears, expressing the determination to comply with the rules of the competition and fight for progress.The referee representatives also vowed to promise a fair referee to ensure that the competition was fair and fair.
With the successful end of the opening ceremony, all competitions are about to kick off.Students will strive to fly on the runway, sweat by the jumping sand pit, and throw the ball zone throwing the ball area in the softball, fully show the spirit of “moving with fitness”.Outside the field, other boos in the class also shouted for their classmates!It fully reflects the spirit of unity of Jinfeng Eight Class.During the sports meeting, students will sweat and show their style on this field.They will experience the strength of teamwork in the game and feel the happiness and challenges brought by the sports.
With the end of the last game, this spring track and field sports meeting also ended a successful end.Students’ hard work and hard work on the field not only won the honor for themselves, but also added glory to the school.More importantly, through this activity, students deeply realized the value and importance of labor, which will have a profound impact on their healthy growth and comprehensive development.In the future, the eighth elementary school of Jinfeng District will continue to adhere to the educational concept of “work to enlighten intelligence”. Through more forms of sports activities, it will provide students with a comprehensive development platform to allow them to be happy in happiness.Growing up in sweat.
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