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The scientific exercise of primary and secondary schools in Shenyang City has been!Elementary school 1 exercise class every day in junior high school 1 exercise class per day

Elementary school 1 exercise class per day, 1 physical education class every day with conditions, schools must not restrict students from classroom

Elementary school 1 exercise class per day, 1 physical education class every day with conditions, schools must not restrict students from classroom activities between students;… According to the “Implementation Plan for the Scientific Exercise of the Primary and Secondary School in Shenyang City in 2024” issued by the Shenyang Education Bureau, 2024 will be used as the year of scientific exercise in the city of primary and secondary school students., Escort the healthy growth of students.
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Schools must not restrict students’ classroom activities during class
Implementation of physical education and activity time guarantee operations.All universities in various places should strictly implement the rigid requirements of physical education classes, ensure that primary schools are 1 physical education class per day, and conditions for junior high schools with conditions per day.It is necessary to reasonably arrange sports activity time, and take multiple measures to ensure that the time of sports activities in schools and outside schools in elementary and middle school students.Schools shall not limit students’ classroom activities during class.In the city, the guarantee of physical education and activity is included in the important content of supervision and assessment, and establishing a “flight inspection”, notification and interview system.
Implementation of deepening physical education teaching reforms and comprehensively improving the quality of teaching in physical education courses.The city will organize and carry out excellent sports courses for primary and secondary schools to cultivate 50 sports courses.
Campus “three big balls” facilities and equipment “upper steps”
Implement the optimization of school stadium facilities.All universities in various places should effectively solve the problems of insufficient equipment and facilities in schools and facilities in various places.The city’s “three major balls” facilities and equipment were renovated into the government’s livelihood project. During the year, 50 elementary and secondary school football fields, 40 basketball courts, and 30 volleyball courts were completed during the year.
Implementing innovative actions of school sports activities.The city will organize and carry out the city’s primary and secondary schools in large and secondary schools, and select 50 schools of winning schools.Implement the campus sports competition.The city will hold 18 sports events such as football, basketball, volleyball, and more than 2,000 sports events. In October, the city’s primary and middle school students’ track and field sports will be held to form a strong atmosphere of stubborn and sports among primary and middle school students in the city.Essence
Do not open the full -bodied physical education class to reject one vote and evaluate the evaluation first
The implementation plan proposes that by the end of 2024, the quality of physical education in schools in the city has increased significantly, and primary and secondary school students have basically developed a habit of scientific exercise. No less than 60%of school students’ physical health tests have a good rate of 50%or more.The excellent rate increased by 5 percentage points on the basis of existing.
The plan is clear that the city will formulate evaluation methods to commend districts, schools, and individuals with remarkable results in scientific exercise years.The Municipal Education Bureau will listed school sports as a key content of education supervision, conduct regular supervision and inspection of the actual situation of the educational bureaus of each district, county (city), and incorporate the results of the inspection into the performance assessment.If the specific measures for the implementation of the annual scientific exercise years are unfavorable, one vote will be implemented in the evaluation of the evaluation.
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