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Practice the spirit of Chinese sports with traditional sports projects

■ Sports Lecture HallThe traditional Chinese national sports is a symbol memory of the development of the Chinese nation. It

■ Sports Lecture Hall
The traditional Chinese national sports is a symbol memory of the development of the Chinese nation. It is the wisdom condensation of hundreds of millions of Chinese children.emotional support.The spirit of Chinese sports is rooted in the cultural soil of the traditional sports project of the Chinese nation, and vigorously promotes the spirit of the Chinese sports spirit, which is good for inheriting and developing the spirit of the Chinese nation and traditional virtues.In the new era school physical education teaching, traditional sports should be used as a carrier, and the educational functions and values of the spirit of Chinese sports must be given to the education function and value of the spirit of Chinese sports.Practice the spirit of Chinese sports.
Classroom teaching highlights the spirit of scientific, practical unity and cooperation
Classroom teaching is the main position that highlights the spirit of Chinese sports, and it is also the main battlefield of the return of physical education in the new era of physical education to return to childcare, educating and educating people, to achieve the goal of “sports people and cultural people”.The integration of traditional sports projects in the form of students visible, sensible, and knowing is the basic form of promoting outstanding traditional sports projects.Therefore, the school should scientifically open traditional sports that are suitable for students with different grades, such as skipping rope, empty bamboo, martial arts, dragon boats, rolling iron rings, kicking tunnels, etc. At the same time, structured and theme teachingThe breath of sports and the beauty of sports makes the spirit of science and solidarity and cooperation even more highlighting.In terms of skipping rope, this is a traditional sports project with a history of more than 1,000 years. It has the characteristics of simple lightness, unrestricted restrictions, etc., and has a positive role in promoting the development of physical fitness such as lower limb strength and upper and lower limbs.You can use short rope, long rope, one foot, feet jump, single person or cooperative jump, so that the sports ability and skills of teachers and students can be exercised, and the mind and emotion are baptized.
During class activities to highlight the spirit of harmonious development and firm confidence
During class activities, it is one of the effective forms of students to carry out sunshine sports in the school every day. It is also a large classroom for strong physique, sound personality, and comprehensive development.In recent years, primary and secondary schools in various places have been exploring the projects and methods of large -scale activities, and incorporating more traditional national sports culture elements, allowing students to be interested and enjoyed.The spirit of harmonious development and firm confidence.According to the differences in the ability of student sports, schools can open empty bamboo in the first to second grades, open iron rings in grades third to fourth grades, and open advanced traditional sports such as kick -kicks in grades in fifth to sixth grades.Let students master sports skills in activity, participation, and sharing, understand the excellent traditional Chinese culture, enjoy the charm and fun of traditional sports, promote the traditional sports spirit, develop a good habit of life exercise and healthy life, and expand sports in firm self -confidenceCultural space.
The school community shows the spirit of fair sharing of patriotism
The school community is a window for showing sports characteristics, and is an effective sports organization to promote students’ personalized development.Traditional sports projects are the main carrier of school community activities, which can meet the diversified sports needs of students. Students can take their own community courses according to their interests and expertise.At the same time, schools can create campus cultural characteristics through the activities of all hundreds of flowers, so that the spiritual quality and moral nourishment of traditional sports culture can be inherited and carried out, so that students can harvest expertise and firm conviction in community activities, promote the comprehensive, intellectual, intellectual, physical, art, and labor and labor.develop.Chinese martial arts has a history of more than 4,000 years. In the long -term development, inheritance and carrying forward the excellent tradition of the Chinese nation’s emphasis on etiquette and morality, it has enhanced students’ patriotism.The school can integrate the classic “Disciples” and “Juvenile Chinese Story” through martial arts and Chinese classics, and penetrate the classic recitation into martial arts activities, and achieve the integration of speed and the beauty of the classic and the Chinese classics., So as to cultivate students ‘good psychological quality and noble moral sentiments such as respecting teachers, rational trust, dedication to others, strictness, and noble self -discipline, and shaping students’ hard work, tenacity, and self -improvement.
The theme festival highlights the spirit of cultural influence of the soul -casting soul
The theme festival is a comprehensive activity conducted by the school for the soul -casting soul and Lideshu people.For example, the annual sports meeting, the “June 1” theme activity and the cultural and artistic month of the cultural and artistic month can integrate the traditional national sports projects in the nation, and display the fitness, practicality, comprehensiveness, activity and cultural nature in the event.Through the combination of physical education and fusion of physical art, students inherit and carry forward the spirit of Chinese sports in traditional culture, and glow with them on the playground, wake up in growth, stimulate interests, shape them in quality, practice, cultivateIn terms of morality, the calcium of the culture of traditional Chinese sports can better nourish the students’ minds and cultivate newcomers in the era of rejuvenation of national rejuvenation.Empty bamboo is the unique national and folk cultural heritage in my country. It is an important part of the development and practice of many school -based courses. The empty bamboo itself has the characteristics of fast and slow, the clouds flowing water, and beautiful shapes. The rope rotates from the up and down, and the left and right rotation is loved by students. At the same time, it also brings visual and artistic enjoyment to students, and shows the work of “five education”.
The sports competition shows the spirit of stubborn hard work for the country
Sports competition is an important way to shape students’ sports ability, health behavior, and sports morality. It is a key opportunity to show cultural educating people, educating people, and all -round education.Guo’s “big unit” ideological and political lessons.Through the diversity inside and outside of the class, schools can form a new culture of sports teaching, promoting schooling, promoting by competition, promoting, and promoting race, and better show the spirit of tenacious hard work and glory for the country.At the sports meeting, it focused on setting up traditional sports such as tug of war and dragon boats to encourage students to actively participate.Through a rope, a boat, a heart, the distance between the strength and the closer of the heart, the students are immersed in the tug of war and the dragon boat competition, passing the shouts to pass the Chinese power, inherit the cultural self -confidence, and determined to be in the future learning life. Take the wind and break the waves., Go forward bravely, work hard, fight for glory for the country.
In short, sports is the philosophy of endless sports, the process of perfecting the process of body and mind, the culture of pursuing higher wisdom, and the quality of the process of cultivating and improving personality.In the new era, we must continuously expand the way to inherit the essence of traditional sports and culture of the Chinese nation on the basis of adhering to the unity of sports tools and humanity, so that traditional sports projects can more effectively promote the spirit of Chinese sports.
(Author Zhang Dingqiang is a professor and doctoral supervisor at the School of Teacher Education, Northwestern Normal University, Ph.D.
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