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International Secret Conference on Sports Science in Tamil Nadu 2023 Inaugurated


Chennai: Work on the Tamil Nadu Sports Science Center at the Nehru Stadium will begin soon, Youth Welfare and Sports Development Minister Udayanidhi Stalin said on Tuesday.

The Minister said this while addressing the Tamil Nadu International Confidential Conference on Sports Science (TASCon2023) attended by sportspersons. He said that the state government is working on a sports policy and building a state-of-the-art global sports city in Chennai as announced by the state assembly.

“TASCon 2023 is not just about discussing but shaping the future of sports science in the state. It is about exploring cutting-edge technologies and innovations that will take our athletes to new heights. It is about promoting well-being and ensuring that our athletes receive the best possible care and support,” said Udayanidhi Stalin.

International Secret Conference on Sports Science in Tamil Nadu 2023 Inaugurated

The Minister added that the panel discussions in the closed session will cover key topics such as sports science, sports medicine, sports rehabilitation, sports management and development, franchise alliances, sports biomechanics, exercise physiology, nutrition, high-performance sports training and emerging sports. Sports Technology Sector.

TASCon 2023 is expected to bring together more than 250 delegates, including renowned academics and experts from India, UK, Netherlands, Malaysia and Canada. These individuals represent the vanguard of sports science and are united by a common goal. This conference will help us improve the performance and well-being of our athletes.The scope of TASCon 2023 is broad and comprehensive, covering key areas of the international sports industry.

Addressing the conference, Kyle Lanta Award winner Abhinav Bindra said, “As a nation, to be on the Olympic ladder, we must integrate sports science into every facet of the sports framework. Not just state-of-the-art facilities, but integration of scientific thinking from grassroots to elite levels will also facilitate India’s growth as a global sports powerhouse.

Bindra also recalled that his quest for Olympic gold medals proved the power of sports science.” The Abhinav Bindra Target Performance (ABTP) program was born out of a desire to bridge the gap between ambition and performance by providing athletes with best-in-class sports science solutions. He added.

The minister also announced that the state government will set up a sports university in Madurai.” The university will provide world-class education and training in sports science and sports management,” he said.

The two-day conference will feature panel discussions, workshops and presentations by leading experts in the field of sports science. The conference will also provide a platform for young researchers and scientists to present their work.

TASCon 2023 is a major initiative launched by the Government of Tamil Nadu to promote sports science in the state. It is expected to have a positive impact on the performance of athletes in Tamil Nadu in the coming years.

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