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The demand party comes questions, the scientific community answer questions!Guangzhou organizational scientists enter the leading enterprise precise docking

Adhere to the “demand -side” traction, continuously enhance the “supply side” capabilities, give full play to the leading role of scienc

Adhere to the “demand -side” traction, continuously enhance the “supply side” capabilities, give full play to the leading role of science and technology backbone enterprises, and support enterprises to accurately connect to major scientific and technological innovation platforms. Recently, the relevant person in charge of the Guangzhou Science and Technology Bureau also alsoRepresentatives of universities and science and technology service agencies have entered the Dongfeng Nissan passenger car company (hereinafter referred to as “Dongfeng Nissan”) to carry out a leading enterprise -a major scientific and technological innovation platform precision docking series activities (Dongfeng Nissan special session).
Participants first visited Dongfeng Nissan R & D Labs to understand the core research and research and development technology of Dongfeng Nissan.Later, at the event, Dongfeng Nissan represents the need for technological research on the key technical field of enterprises.The representatives of 14 scientific and technological innovation platform institutions introduced the support forces such as senior R & D teams, application research and development, advanced manufacturing technology and basic software, and said that they would make full efforts to send technology, solve problems, and promote innovation for Guangzhou leading enterprises such as Dongfeng Nissan.
At the scene, Dongfeng Nissan made a clear response to the technical cooperation needs of each institution, and proposed that it would be further connected.”We will further strengthen exchanges and cooperation with universities, scientific research institutes and other units in terms of platform construction, talent introduction, and results transformation., Said Wade, deputy headquarters of Dongfeng Nissan Technology Center with relevant universities and scientific research institutes.
Li Jiang, a first -level investigator of the Municipal Science and Technology Bureau, said that carrying out this precise docking activity aims to accelerate the realization of independent controllable, promoting results transformation, strengthening the status of enterprises, helping to solve the effective supply of scientific and technological achievements and the needs of technological research.Accurate difficulties.He expects that through the “demand side”, “supply side” and “service side” of scientific and technological achievements, the parties to the parties to accelerate the construction of corporate demand as traction, diverse coordinated scientific and technological achievements transformation mechanisms, forming the demand supply supply and supply creation demandThe virtuous cycle promotes the high -quality development of the industry and accelerates the promotion of new productivity.
Qin Haihan, Secretary -General of the Coordinated Innovation Alliance of Guangzhou New R & D Institutions, said that as the Secretary -General Unit of the Greater Bay Area Science and Technology Innovation Service Center, it will be based on the Guangdong -Hong Kong -Macao Greater Bay Area, and the establishment of the country, Beijing -Tianjin -Hebei, Chengdu -Chongqing, and Huazhong Economic Circle will be established nation.Innovative element collaboration networks, through the “artificial intelligence+technical intelligence+collaborative network” technological achievement transformation of the innovation system to achieve accurate supply and demand for technical elements.
It is reported that the representatives participating in this event came from the Guangzhou Intelligent Software Industry Research Institute, Guangdong Artificial Intelligence and Advanced Computing Research Institute, the Tsinghua Pearl River Delta Research Institute Cross -media Intelligence and Brain Robotics Center/Guangzhou Ziyun Technology Co., Ltd.Provincial Institute of Emerging Laser Plasma Technology, Guangzhou Software Application Technology Research Institute, Guangzhou Hong Kong Science and Technology Institute of Science and Technology of Hong Kong, Guangzhou Research Institute of Xi’an University of Electronic Science and Technology, Guangdong Corrosion Science and Innovation Technology Research Institute/Liaoning Provincial Energy Materials and Electrochemical Experimental ExperimentThe room, the Greater Bay Area Integrated Circuit and System Application Institute/Zhongke Saifei (Guangzhou) Semiconductor Co., Ltd., South China University of Technology, Xinghai Conservatory of Music, Guangzhou Chengxing Communication Technology Co., Ltd. and Guangzhou Huadu District High -tech Enterprise Association.
Text/Guangzhou Daily Xinhua City Reporter: Fang QingPhoto/Interviewee providedGuangzhou Daily Xinhuacheng Editor: Li Fenghe
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