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The school sports meeting of other people’s house not only has hot air balloon but also equestrian

Games scene.Photo by reporter Liu Zhao, reporter of (Reporter Qin Sisi) On this (25th), C

Games scene.Photo by reporter Liu Zhao, reporter of (Reporter Qin Sisi) On this (25th), Chongqing University of Science and Technology held the Spring Athletics and Field Games in the Spring 2024. On -site hot air balloon, equestrian, float, capture, etc.”” “.

At the event site, the community squares formed by the school’s 81 student groups were full of youthful vitality and enthusiasm.

The square array of the School of Art and Media was opened by a mountain car. The float was filled with balloons. The “anchor” of men and women smiled and beckoned, conveying the power of youth.

Games scene.Photo by reporter Liu Zhao, reporter of

The float of the School of Sports and Big Health is the dragon boat shape, and the top is a traditional building roof style. The head and front are decorated with waves and koi.The classmates also brought wonderful dragon dance lion dance performances, attracting applause.Relevant person in charge said that this is not only a display of students’ traditional culture, but also a manifestation of school characteristics.

At the opening ceremony, the last square array was the equestrian array of the School International Education College, and they brought wonderful equestrian performances.

At the sports meeting, the national style cultural performance.Photo by reporter Liu Zhao, reporter of

It is worth mentioning that on the same day, more than 1,400 students performed a youthful and vibrant gymnastics.Students’ neat movements are like a beautiful scroll.Many students shouted: “It’s too spectacular!”

It is reported that a total of 902 athletes participated in the Chongqing Academy of Science and Technology of China. 177 referees, 399 group girlfriends, 355 flower teams, colorful flag teams, etiquette and national flag guards participating in service participating in serviceEssenceThis is the largest number of participants and the largest participation in the history of the school.

Games scene.Photo by reporter Liu Zhao, reporter of

The relevant person in charge of the school said that the sports meeting not only showed the characteristics of the school, but also showed the youthful style of students.It is expected that students will continue to write their brilliant chapters in their future life.

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