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2024 Chongqing Sports Science and Technology Carnival is here, and many national "fresh" scenes "magic" appear

On April 19th, the opening ceremony of the 2024 Chongqing Sports Technology Carnival hosted by Chongqing Spor

On April 19th, the opening ceremony of the 2024 Chongqing Sports Technology Carnival hosted by Chongqing Sports Bureau and Chongqing University of Posts and Telecommunications was held at He Long Plaza in Yuzhong District. The carnival event will continue until April 21.
According to reports, this carnival is the largest sports science and technology carnival in the country. The on -site display area reaches more than 2,000 square meters. More than 50 display units gathered together to show the latest sports technology products.But go to this wonderful and technological sense.
The business card of Chongqing Sports Technology Carnival will be even more loud
The development of new quality and productivity in the sports industry needs to rely on sports technology. This year, the activities are based on the overall positioning of “sports technology can play like this”, and the sports technology shows the achievements and explorations of sports technology to promote sports, mass sports, sports industries, sports culture and other aspects.And innovation.
“To do this activity, we must vigorously promote scientific and technological innovation, vigorously adhere to integration and interaction, and strive to build a big IP of sports.” Zhang Xin, a first -level inspector of the Chongqing Sports Bureau, said that in recent years, with the integration of sports technology integrationThe development of development has continued to advance and deepen, the enthusiasm of the masses to participate in physical exercise has continued to improve, and the awareness of participating in sports construction in all parties in society is gradually increasing.Looking back at the Chongqing Sports Technology Carnival, it has achieved breakthroughs from 0 to 1.Compared with last year, the 2024 Sports Science and Technology Carnival is larger, higher -level, and has a wider impact. There are more participating units. The business card of Sports Technology Carnival will become more and more loud!
Gao Xingbo, deputy secretary of the Party Committee and principal of Chongqing University of Posts and Telecommunications, said in his speech that Chongqing University of Posts and Telecommunications is one of the post and telecommunications universities established and focused on the establishment of a national clothing point.The fitness and health and intelligent technical science popularization base of the postal post has become the first national sports science popularization base.
“On the scene of the carnival, we can see a lot of new sports technology scenes, about the wonderful imagination of sports technology. The integration of sports and technology can help us enrich the sports experience, expand the radius of sports, extend the life of sports, and improve the quality of life.”Bo said, hoping to explore the mechanism of integrating sports and science and technology with everyone with this carnival Huawei opportunity, to go into the community extensively, carry out the popularization of sports science and technology knowledge, promote sports scientific and technological achievements, promote scientific fitness knowledge, improve national health literacy, etc.Work.
Multi -“first” appearance
Robots, competition Internet of Things smart systems, high -end intelligent connected simulation racing cars … these “fresh” scenes that have debuted in the country gathered at the carnival scene.
The competition Internet of Things smart system is brought by the Dao Bar Network. It can achieve the game’s intelligent management platform from creating events, registration for the event, qualification review, and drawing.The custom order book and participation certificate can be downloaded and printed with one click, which can save 70%of the labor and time and improve the efficiency of 500%.
Being able to “think” and “act”, since launching chess and chess robots, the Yuan radish has been continuing.As the first home AI Go robot in the world, it can understand and perform tasks like humans. It can integrate various modular information such as vision and language.Real people create a real experience of “holding chess”.
The connected simulation racing car brought by the Chongqing Automobile Motorcycle Sports Association was first displayed in China.The high -end AI intelligent networking simulation vehicle has also announced the event planning in China in China.This competition is the first comprehensive event in the domestic integration of “digital sports+intelligent design+5G Internet connectivity”. The series will include competitive, model production, 3D printing creation, and AI smart categories.
The impact wave therapy instrument, high -energy laser therapy instrument, thermal permeability system, power bicycle and other competitive sports related equipment brought by Shanghai Huiying have debuted for the first time in China.
The sports equipment on the spot is very “magic”
The intelligent cycling platform brought by the University of Posts and Telecommunications can simulate the outdoor sports scene of bicycle bicycles. Real -time records and analysis of the changes in the frequency, speed, power, heart rate, breathing rate, and HRV of the steps.Bicycle motion has a good health effect on human heart and mental health, but many athletes pay more attention to the amount of exercise during their own cycling, ignore the fatigue of the exercise process, and easily cause damage to blood vessels and nervous system.The intelligent cycling platform uses fuzzy hierarchical analysis to build a bicycle sporty subjective fatigue assessment model, realizing the quantitative evaluation of the subject’s subjective fatigue, and can effectively avoid cycling risks.
Precisely record various sports data to ensure training equipment for training quality and efficiency; treadmills that can run and run online; exercise at home, “jump” to correct the mirror for you;”Luyou”; you can experience outdoor bicycles at home … On the carnival, all kinds of intelligent sports equipment can also make people shine.
Among them, after the sports app connection of intelligent treadmills, you can complete a series of interactive experiences, including the virtual scene mode simulation different running environment; professional physical examination mode allows candidates to master their own sports results; massive live broadcast and teaching video output correctlyFitness knowledge; online competitions, running to make sports more fun.
Professional paddling training device can be described as the “land travel instrument” in the movie into reality. Through the trainer, people can experience the underwater swimming posture such as breaststroke, freestyle, butterfly, and backstroke, and ensure that the exercise posture does not deform.Exercise is not injured.
The AI fitness mirror is a mirror that will “jump” to correct your posture. Unlike traditional mirrors, this mirror contains 17 professional courses, 70 sports topics, 30 sets of fitness plans, etc., and has star coach guidance.With such a mirror, it is equivalent to having an all -around private education.
When moving against the AI fitness mirror, the mirror can not only switch all kinds of scenes, but also interact with you.If your exercise posture, physical posture, or not standard, the mirror will “jump out” to correct it until you correct it.
A variety of sports can be experienced on the spot
Moving the sports field and the field to the carnival scene, citizens can experience the charm of various sports on the spot.
As an emerging sports shooting sports in recent years, you can experience it on the spot.Chongqing’s cause and effects sports club uses photoelectric shooting equipment to develop and popularize shooting movements. This equipment belongs to high -tech electronic products. It uses advanced dual -wave length pulse modulation laser technology.Safety, professional, economical, practical, easy to promote.
“At the scene of the carnival, we will show the citizens to the citizens to explain the basic shooting knowledge. Under the guidance of the staff, citizens can experience the charm of shooting on the spot!” Said the relevant person in charge of Chongqing’s Cause and Effect Sports Club.
The Yuzhong District Baseball Barball Association will also promote the stick and battleball on the spot to provide citizens and baseball ball enthusiasts with a platform for displaying themselves and communicating and learning.Songyue Sports will present the citizen’s unique, surprising, interesting ice and snow experience journey. In addition to off -road ski training machines and land curling foundations, there are two simulated shooting gun experience in winter.
In addition, Carnival will also hold the 2nd Chongqing Sports Technology Carnival “Youth Street Fighter” contest in 2024.The competition project and mode include the Taekwondo Blood Strip Model (Live Street Fighter). The competition will create a warm atmosphere of watching the game and give the audience a strong sense of gaming.
The on -site service will be provided for free health evaluation services
Moxibustion, eight -stage teaching small classrooms, bone and sports health evaluation … In addition to all kinds of display, the carnival site provides various services for citizens who go to visit and check -in for free.
“We can bring a number of exciting interactive experience activities such as human skeletal science, motion risk assessment, human component testing, exercise prescription suggestions, free bone and sports health evaluation services,” said the relevant person in charge of Chongqing Douge Orthopedic Hospital, said, saying thatExperts are “sitting” in the exhibition area. While “escorting” this year’s carnival, they also conduct professional evaluations such as FMS, bone density, and human body composition analysis for citizens in need to help everyone understand their bones and sports health.Citizens can also consult the health issues from orthopedics and rehabilitation experts on the spot, and obtain scientific and personalized diagnosis and treatment suggestions.
In the small class of the eighth -stage teaching, through action display and on -site guidance, it teaches the citizens to teach traditional health care skills to help everyone live healthily.The traditional Chinese medical moxibustion brought by the Medical Engineering Branch of the Chongqing Medical Association can also experience it on the spot.It can effectively prevent the treatment of exercise damage, especially tennis elbow, lumbar muscle strain, and various joint pain.
In addition, the Carnival also exhibited the award -winning works of the 2024 Chongqing Youth Sports Technology Painting Competition. These works look forward to the various wonderful imaginations and possibilities of sports technology through the children’s strokes.The display method is also unique, showing the addition of AI technology, which can make interaction and interest stronger.
Upstream journalist Bao Jing Qianbo
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