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German remote driving specialist Vay successfully drives driverless car in Las Vegas


For the first time, German remote control driving specialist Vay has successfully driven a driverless car in Las Vegas.

This achievement makes Vay the first company to operate remotely controlled vehicles on both sides of the Atlantic.

In February, Vay deployed a driverless car on public roads in Hamburg, Germany, a first in Europe.

Then in June, the company announced its entry into the U.S., opening an office in Las Vegas with plans to enter the U.S. market.

Now, just six months later, Vay is following in Halo’s footsteps by completing its first driverless tour in Las Vegas.

German remote driving specialist Vay successfully drives driverless car in Las Vegas

Vay’s vehicles are driven remotely from a central hub by professionally trained remote drivers. The remote driver sits at a workstation equipped with a steering wheel, pedals, and other vehicle controls developed by Vay in accordance with automotive industry standards.

The vehicle’s surroundings on the road are reproduced by camera sensors and transmitted to a monitor at the remote driving station. Sound (e.g. emergency vehicle alarms) is transmitted via microphone to the remote driver’s headset.

The connection between the remote driving station and the vehicle is made over a cellular network and utilizes multiple providers to ensure greater safety and minimize the risk of latency issues. The system also has a range of redundancy features to further enhance safety.

Vay’s ultimate goal in Germany and the U.S. is to offer a commercialized door-to-door mobility service. Users can order the company’s electric vehicles (EVs) through its app and have them delivered for use by a remote driver.

The user then drives the EV to a destination of their choice, where the remote driver will take back control and park or deliver the vehicle to the next user.

As Vay accumulates data on its usage, it plans to introduce more fully autonomous features in the future.

The company is currently in discussions with authorities in Germany and the U.S. in preparation for a commercial launch.Vay has also been actively promoting its safety credentials, acknowledging the cautious approach it is currently taking to self-driving cars.

Vay has also been certified by TÜV Süd, an independent German third-party testing organization.

Vay co-founder and CEO Thomas von der Ohe applauded the company’s breakthrough in Las Vegas, saying, “Not only does this demonstrate the incredible capabilities of our team, but it puts Europe and the United States at the forefront of remote driving technology.

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