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Belle Fashion’s Sigtu uses old shoes to change new activities to unlock the circular fashion trend

As an important part of my country’s manufacturing and national economy, the fashion shoes and clothing industry has also been led by the “

As an important part of my country’s manufacturing and national economy, the fashion shoes and clothing industry has also been led by the “double carbon” strategic goals in recent years.A few days ago, China ’s large -scale fashion shoes and clothing group -Belle Fashion Group (hereinafter referred to as“ Belle Fashion ”)’ s brand Sitatu Staccato launched the “green circulating old shoes replacement new” public welfare operation.The concept will be returned to the Tropical Rainforest Protection Foundation of Xishuangbanna, which is used for the ecological restoration of the tropical rain forest, and promotes the performance of fashion shoes into a sustainable “green cycle”.

STACCATO is a high -end fashion women’s shoes brand under Belle Fashion. The brand name is translated as a disconnection. It is a “jump notes” in music. Since its establishment, it will allow women to “step out of their shining festivals” as a mission.With the shining, delicate and fresh fashion shoes, bringing a rhythmic urban life to women.It is understood that STACCATO has long occupied the top ten of Tmall’s best -selling fashion women’s shoes brands. It has many loyal users and contribute considerable revenue to Belle fashion.

In March of this year, STACCATO continued the brand’s long -term persistence of sustainable public welfare concept, focusing on the important raw materials of shoe production -rubber, and joined hands with the China Science News Agency into the new rubber forest community of Xishuangna in Yunnan, walking in person, measurement, and feeling thisThe green ecology, and through visiting the local rubber farmers, to explore the balance between fashion and nature.

At the same time, STACCATO carried out the “green circulating old shoes replacement” public welfare recycling activities in the national offline stores, conveying the concept of “every step can sustainable” to consumers, and encouraged users: During the event, consumers can take the brand’s old shoes to the store to participate in the “change new” activities, receive brand cash vouchers, not only handle old shoes, but also buy new performances at a more favorable price, so that environmental protection and sustainable can be sustainableDeveloped into a more meaningful fashionable attitude.It is reported that from mid -March to mid -April, STACCATO has recovered 6,000 pounds of old shoes. The recovery income will be given back to the Xishuang version of the Nazhou Tropical Rainforest Protection Foundation, helping the rainforest ecology in an orderly recovery.

As a large -scale fashion shoe and clothing group with temperature and power, Belle Fashion has pursued the way of sustainable public welfare for a long time, actively fulfilled social responsibilities, organized and participated in earthquake relief, public welfare student, supporting industrial innovation, aid epidemic, rescue stray animalsWait for many public welfare activities.With its own strong strength and appeal to convey love, he has donated money to the disaster area to help the people of the disaster area rebuild homeland; donate to build a number of school libraries, and help Shenzhen Youth Quality Education Public Welfare Fund;Student assistance programs provide good education and employment opportunities for students in underdeveloped areas; the Group has also set up innovative public welfare funds to support the development of the industry, cultivate and explore innovative talents in the industry …

Fashion and nature, win -win performance and love.Belle Fashion’s brand STACCATO has practiced the concept of sustainable public welfare with practical actions through the “Green Cycling Old Shoes” charity recycling activity.Fairness, forming a virtuous cycle of commercial activities and environmental protection, charity and brand construction.

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