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At the fashion landmark "Giant Rich and Long", the exhibition takes you to find the non -time "life aesthetics"

Caption: “Endless -Non -Heritage Life Aesthetic Works Exhibition” opened at the Huashan Art Museum.Xinmin Evening News (Reporter Lu Zihua) Song Jin,

Caption: “Endless -Non -Heritage Life Aesthetic Works Exhibition” opened at the Huashan Art Museum.
Xinmin Evening News (Reporter Lu Zihua) Song Jin, ceramics, enamel, lacquerware, glazed … Various and intangible cultural heritages recorded the traditional production lifestyle, and also witnessed the endless civilization inheritance.From now until May 26, you are welcome to go to the most fashionable Shanghai “Giant Fortune” neighborhood to find the traditional beauty that will not be out of date.”Endless -Aesthetic Life Aesthetic Works Exhibition” opened at the Huashan Art Museum located at 700 in Julu Road.
This “endless -the exhibition of non -heritage life aesthetics exhibition” concentratedly presents Shanghai Arts and Crafts Vocational College, Shanghai Yifu Vocational and Technical School, and Yifu aid units -Yunnan Province, Guangnan County, Guangnan County, Ethnic Vocational Senior High School andNon -heritage life aesthetics of enterprises, non -genetic inheritors, craftsmen, and artists in Barchu County, Xinjiang Bachu County, and some national -level non -heritage arts.
The non -relics on display cover nearly 30 projects in different areas, including the production of sea -faction gold and silver enamel wares (municipal non -genetic inheritors, Shanghai craftsmen Chen Xuqi), handmade production of Longfeng cheongsam (Jing’an craftsman Jiang Manzong, Longfeng cheongsam fifth fifthInheritors Wu Yuting, Zhang Qinwei, the fifth -generation inheritor of Longfeng Cheongsam), Jingdezhen Ceramics (Feng Shangjin, a city -level non -genetic inheritor), Wuyi Farmers Bamboo Compilation (Municipal Non -Genetic Inheritor He Wenliang)Chengren Shao Wenli), Zhuang Silver Word Production (Meng Zhigang of Provincial Non -heredites), Condor Production (Wu Guanxin, Provincial Non -Genetic Inheritors), Pan buckle, Song Jin Weaving, National Musical Instrument Production, Funny Boots, Gourd, Gourd, GourdCarving, metal crafts, large lacquer art, jade carving, glazed art, sculpture, filament, yellow grass, leather art, embroidery, pear and wood carving, wood carving, carved porcelain, velvet embroidery, purple sand pot.
Caption: The exhibited non -remaining hand cover nearly 30 projects in different fields
Yifu Vocational School has been a non -heritage demonstration school in Shanghai, and has been working with several national non -heritage brand enterprises for more than ten years.Through the masterpiece of artisan masters, we will implement the spirit of the model workers into the campus. At the same time, the non -heritage studio is opened across professionalism to promote the high -quality development of the education base.During the exhibition, the Digital Interactive Creative Studio of Yifu Vocational School set up an interactive scene “Putting non -legacy on the body”, using 3D MAPPING projection technology to projected non -heritage cheongsam on the model, and convert the design elements of the cheongsam into part of the interactive exhibition.Let the audience explore the charm of non -heritage by touching the fabric selection, pattern design, and tailoring skills of cheongsam by touching the screen or mobile device.
Caption: Interactive scene “Putting non -legacy on your body”
Shanghai Academy of Arts and Crafts Vocational College of Arts and Crafts shows 13 handmade art professional directions and 22 master studio categories in the direction of handmade art and the arts and crafts research centers.Under the perfect interpretation of art and craftsmanship, the collision reflects the creator’s experience, personality, aesthetic taste, and life attitude and work is closely related to the work.
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