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All Blacks complain about Rugby World Cup final referee


The All Blacks have lodged a complaint with World Rugby over the refereeing of the 2023 Rugby World Cup final, when they lost 12-11 to South Africa.

New Zealand are unhappy with a number of penalties that went against them in the match, notably Sam Cain’s red card for a dangerous tackle on Jesse Kriel.

All Blacks coach Ian Foster said they had made a submission to World Rugby for their views.

The general consensus is that referee Wayne Barnes and his team did an excellent job in a hard-fought game, but the All Blacks may be unhappy with some of the technical penalties.

Four yellow cards were also issued in the match, two for each team.

World Rugby President Sir Bill Beaumont paid tribute to Barnes, who today announced his resignation as match referee to focus on a new career.

Barnes’ career as a professional referee spanned an impressive 17 years, with 111 Test matches, five Rugby World Cups and countless domestic and European finals.

All Blacks complain about Rugby World Cup final referee

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It is worth noting that the All Blacks’ complaint occurred at a time when Wayne Barnes announced his retirement. The All Blacks may have hoped that their complaint would lead to some changes in the way rugby is officiated, particularly in the way dangerous shovels are penalized.

It is worth noting that the All Blacks have a history of complaining about refereeing decisions. in 2019, they lodged a complaint with World Rugby following their Rugby World Cup semi-final loss to England.

It remains to be seen whether the All Blacks’ complaint will be successful, but it is clear that they are not happy with the way the 2023 Rugby World Cup final was officiated.

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