Last week, the three listed companies currently have environmental risks in environmental risks. Middle School Water Holdings Company was discharged over standards and was fined

Every reporter Liu Zhiyuan every editor Sun Zhicheng Zhang HaiiExcessive discharge of water pollutants, mid

Every reporter Liu Zhiyuan every editor Sun Zhicheng Zhang Haii    

Excessive discharge of water pollutants, middle school water (SH600187, stock price of 2.39 yuan, market value of 3.857 billion yuan) Holding company was fined 380,000 yuan; Dongfang Jiasheng (SZ002889, 22.36 yuan, market value of 4.315 billion yuan) was suspected of violating the Shenzhen Special Economic Zone drinkingRelevant clauses related to the protection of water sources, fined 100,000 yuan & hellip; & hellip;

In the fourth week of March 2024, which of the environmental protection and letter responsibility of listed companies turned on the red light?Look at the 153rd issue of the A -share Green Week.

Daily Economic News Joint NGO (Non -Government Organization) Public Environmental Research Center (IPE) in the field of Economic News. Since September 2020, based on 31 provinceAuthoritative data sources such as regulatory records, collect and analyze the environmental information data of thousands of listed companies in China and tens of thousands of companies (including branches, stock participation companies and holding companies), which are published in the “A -Share Green Weekly”.With the help of environmental databases and professional analysis and communication capabilities, the environmental information in the business activities of the capital market in the capital market is more sunny and transparent.

According to the data collected in the fourth week of March, the reporter of “Daily Economic News” found that a total of three listed companies have recently exposed environmental risks.

One week of greening: The water pollution of the middle school water holding company was fined 380,000 yuan

In addition to factors such as corporate management capabilities, financial conditions, and industry competition, environmental risks have become one of the important operating risks of listed companies.Environmental risks are related to corporate development and corporate image.

The data of this issue show that risk information such as illegal and violations in the ecological environment is associated to three listed companies.Among them, one company is a state -owned -owned enterprise.

“Daily Economic News” reporters found out that 179,400 shareholders behind the three listed companies, the investment target appeared on the environmental risk list, may face investment risks.

It is worth noting that Taiyuan Haofeng Sewage Treatment Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Taiyuan Haofeng) of Taiyuan Haofeng Sewage Treatment Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Taiyuan Haofeng) was fined 380,000 yuan by the Taiyuan Ecological Environment Bureau for over -standard discharge of water pollutants.

The punishment of the article number “Paidon Punishment [2024] 01001” shows that Taiyuan Haofeng “February 21, 2024, February 21, the COD online data of the wastewater discharge port is 52.808mg/L, exceeded 32%, and the total phosphorus online data is the online data of the total phosphorus.0.652mg/L, 63%exceeding the standard, there are behaviors that exceed the standard discharge of water pollutants. “According to Article 83 of the” Pollution Prevention and Control Law of the People’s Republic of China “, Taiyuan Haofeng was fined by the Taiyuan Ecological Environment Bureau of 380,000Yuan.

On March 20, a reporter from “Daily Economic News” called the middle school water affairs. The wiring staff said that the punishment was not a major administrative penalty and would not be announced separately, but it would be disclosed in a regular report.The corresponding rectification operations began immediately after receiving the notice from Taiyuan Haofeng.

Among the data included in this period, two companies were punished for over -standard emissions of water pollutants.The Shaoguan Ecological and Environment Bureau fined 264,000 yuan.

The punishment of the article included in the credit China was “Shahhuan (Qujiang) Punishment [2024] No. 2” showed that the Shaoguan Ecological and Environment Bureau shall conduct investigations on the company’s behavior of water pollutants emitted standard emissions.On October 19, 2023, law enforcement officers of the Shaoguan Ecological and Environment Bureau conducted on -site inspections on the company. The inspection found that the company’s Pingshanwei Mining Water discharge port online monitoring equipment exceeded the total arsenic limit of the emission permit, and then Shaoguan ecological environment monitoringSinging Qujiang Division Station to monitor the sampling of wastewater discharge droolings of the company’s tailings.The monitoring report shows that the total arsenic concentration of the wastewater discharge port of the Pingshanwei Mining Plan is 0.895mg/L, which is beyond the total arsenic allowable emission concentration in the local standard “Water Pollution Emissions” (DB44/26-2001)mg/L).After investigation and verification, the company implemented environmental violations that exceed the standards of water pollutants discharge standards for water pollutants.In accordance with Article 83 of the “People’s Republic of China Water Pollution Prevention and Control Law”, Guangdong Shaoguan Yaoling Mining Co., Ltd. was fined 264,000 yuan by Shaoguan Ecological and Environment Bureau.

Environmental punishment: suspected of violating drinking water sources to protect Dongfang Jiasheng by 100,000 yuan

In this issue, Dongfang Jiasheng was fined 100,000 yuan by the Longgang Management Bureau of the Shenzhen Ecological Environment Bureau for suspected violation of the construction project management regulations in the drinking water source protection area.

The punishment of the “Deep Ring Longgang Punishment [2024] No. 48” shows that according to Article 27, paragraph 1 (5) of the “Shenzhen Special Economic Zone Drinking Water Source Protection Regulations”, Dongfang Jiasheng was in ShenzhenThe Municipal Ecological and Environment Bureau Longgang Management Bureau fined 100,000 yuan.

Dongfang Jiasheng’s official website shows that the company is an innovative and comprehensive professional third -party logistics enterprise, which was established in July 2001.After ten years, the company has developed into a group -shaped holding company with a number of subsidiaries in Shanghai, Beijing, Suzhou, Hong Kong and other places.

On March 21, the reporter of “Daily Economic News” called Dongfang Jiasheng, and the wiring staff said that the information disclosure of the environmental punishment will be carried out in accordance with relevant regulations, and the standards that need to be disclosed have not been met.EssenceSecondly, it depends on whether the punishment has an impact on the construction of the project under construction.For the corresponding rectification actions, the project will also be suspended if the relevant departments require the suspension of the project.

In recent years, with the gradual heating investment concepts of ESG (environment, social responsibility and governance), investors have paid more and more attention to the sustainable development capabilities of enterprises.The environmental responsibilities of financial investment and strategic investment in listed companies should also be valued. Therefore, the environmental data of direct or indirect shares of enterprises is included in the A -share green report project database.

It should be noted that the disclosure of environmental information data depends on the continuous improvement of environmental supervision information disclosure.From the “Measures for Environmental Information Disclosure (Trial)” in 2008 to the newly revised Chapter 5 of the “Environmental Protection Law of the People’s Republic of China” to establish “information disclosure and public participation”, information disclosure is guaranteed from the system construction.

Relevant laws and regulations stipulate that citizens, legal persons, and other organizations have the right to obtain environmental information, participate and supervise environmental protection in accordance with the law.The environmental protection authorities of people’s governments at all levels and other departments with the responsibilities of environmental protection supervision and management shall disclose environmental information and improve public participation procedures in accordance with the law to facilitate the participation of citizens, legal persons, and other organizations to supervise environmental protection.

The Public Environmental Research Center (IPE) and Natural Resources Protection Association (NRDC) The “2018 ~ 2019 120 City Pollution Source Regulatory Information Disclosure Index (PITI) Report” also pointed out that environmental information is “disclosed as normal, uninterrupted exception”.Gradually become the principles of government and society.

(Intern Liu Xiaochen, Li Gengyao, and Yu Yuyuan also contributed to this article)