East wind is warm, the "feast" of the spring day of cherry blossoms Beishi City is waiting for you 2024 Huakai Beishi Cherry Blossom Tourism Festival opening

  Luwang March 25th News In March of Yangchun, Cao Changying flew, and nearly 5,000 cherry blossoms in

  Luwang March 25th News In March of Yangchun, Cao Changying flew, and nearly 5,000 cherry blossoms in Beijing Village were in full bloom.On March 23, the 2024 rural season • LOCS life, Huakai Beicheng Sakura Tourism Festival officially kicked off here.In the spring of Pingyin County, Donga Town, Pingyin County, cherry blossoms bloom, like clouds and trees.The rural areas are steaming Xiawei, the pastoral scenery, and the stone house, which is reflected in the place where the cherry blossom viewing in the suburbs of Jinan.In the spring of the wind and the sun and the everywhere, people are here to meet, listen to the voice of the flowers of the North City, and enjoy the colorful scenery.

At the opening ceremony, the cherry blossom danced, and the drum sounded.Many tourists and local people witnessed this wonderful moment.The dance “Houxing Dance” and “Caiwei Dance”, the song “Ballet in Spring” and other wonderful programs from the Jinan Song and Dance Theater are staged one after another.In addition to the exciting performance of the opening ceremony, 2024 Huakai Beishi Cherry Blossom Tourism Festival will be integrated into “good time”, “good times”, “good food”, “good things” and other rural tourism elements, carefully launch traditional collections of nostalgia, spring division research, folk skillsNine major series of activities such as exhibitions, specialty foods, and theme photography look back; at the same time, relying on the resident flower blooming Bai Shi National AAA tourist attractions, to use its unique natural resources and cultural resources advantages of real mountains, real water, pastoral scenery, and stone houses, Create an Internet celebrity punch -in tourist experience winner with the theme of “cherry blossoms”, and make every effort to create a beautiful business card of Pingyin.

Entering Beishun Village and walking along Sakura Avenue, a cluster of cherry blossoms bloomed for the second time, and the floral fragrance overflowed. Against the blue sky and white clouds, pink, pink white cherry blossoms swaying on the branches, the wind and laughter were greeted by the wind.EssenceLooking at Yun Steamed Xia Wei from a distance, I look closely at Qianjiao, bright warm color, cherry blossoms dancing, and a faction of spring.In the sea of flowers, the fragrance of flowers is fragrant, and it is extremely comfortable, bringing tourists with a multi -dimensional and multi -dimensional three -dimensional cherry blossom viewing experience.”The Cherry Blossom Festival in Beishi is here every year. Now it is getting richer and richer, especially with children to play with children. Many items suitable for children to play.” Ms. Pang Ms. Pang said.

In addition to the rotten cherry blossoms, the decoration of cherry -themed elements is full of cherry -themed elements in scenic spots such as cherry blossom avenue, homestay, and cross -street glass bridge.

Come to the cherry blossom garden in Beishi, enjoying flowers, taking pictures, and punching in is the basic operation.Here you can also visit the market. Net red snacks, cultural and creative non -heritage, and agricultural special products can be seen everywhere on the cherry blossom market, satisfying the enjoyment of people’s taste buds, leaving unique beauty.At the event site, the first secretary was set up to help the farmer’s collection, mung bean flour, lotus root, tadpan, etc. The dazzling agricultural and sideline products with a wide range of categories were dizzying and attracted many tourists to stop and watch.

In addition to classic gameplay such as cherry blossom viewing and cultural and creative markets this year, it also adds fun activities such as drone cherry blossom viewing, floating car parade, big drums welcoming spring flash, clown interactive streets, cherry blossom Hanfu Street, etc.At the same time as the scenery, it can also move to easy scenery, flowers step by step, and share this spring feast.

According to reports, the cherry blossoms in Beishun Village are diverse and colorful. There are nearly 5,000 planting quantities. The current bloom is mainly based on early cherry blossoms, and the flowering period will last about half a month.This year’s Cherry Blossom Tourism Festival has continued from March 23 to April 2.Since the first Cherry Blossom Festival was held in Beishun Village in 2021, each Cherry Blossom Festival came to enjoy the flowers and players, and each session increased its income of nearly one million yuan for the village.The economic dividend brought by rural tourism has inserted the wings of flying flying in the economic and social development of Beishun Village, and also made the business card of the village’s “National Civilized Village” more loud and farther.

In recent years, Dong’a Town, one of the three famous and cultural towns in China, which has the same name as Moutai Town and Jingde Town, seized the national strategy of ecological protection and high -quality development of the Yellow River Basin, and the construction of historical opportunities in the “strong provincial capital”.Implement the development layout of the “1+653” working system of the Pingyin County Party Committee and the development layout of “two -city co -construction and two wings”, and take the initiative to go global.Investment, rural revitalization, cultural tourism recuperation, effective governance, etc. promote all -round cooperation, forming a group of real projects and results.This time, Dong’a Town to play the advantages of human resources to host the Cherry Blossom Tourism Festival is an important carrier to implement the province’s rural areas and help the whole region tourism. It will bring new vitality and vitality to the West Wing Cultural Tourism Kangyang area.

While the breeze is not dry, the sun is just right, and tourists and friends are invited to come to Beishuang Village, Donga Town, Pingyin County.(Newsman Yang Jun Zhao Mengli)